The new UK £1 coin will enter circulation in March 2017 and the current round pound coin will be taken out. It's time to impress your customers with the branded new £1 trolley coins. Let's show them how much you care about their daily life and improve your real-time marketing.

Red new One pound trolley coins
Blue new one pound trolley coin
Artwork of 2017 one pound trolley coins
New 1 pound trolley coins

Print type and position

enamelled - 23.43x2.8mm

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TROLLEY TROUBLE? Will the 2017 12-sided £1 coins work in supermarket trolleys?

New one pound trolley coins

Following the news of the revamped pound coin, many have been asking about what will happen to supermarket trolleys across the country, and whether they’ll accept the new £1 coin.

When The Sun Online - asked the supermarkets, they confirmed that they would accept the new coins.

A spokesman for Asda said: “Our customers needn’t worry about our trolleys. They will accept both the new £1 coin as well as the current version and trolley tokens.” Tesco said it had replaced the lock on its trolleys so customers would not be affected when the new pound is introduced. Sainsbury’s, Lidl, Morrisons and Waitrose also confirmed that their trolleys would accept both the old and new coins. 

So, don't worry! We are ready to roll with the new £1 branded trolley coins.