We know that GEN Z students are even more connected, informed, and demanding about sustainable living than ever before. Especially when it comes to their University Experience and branded items that they receive. Whether they are Millennials, Baby Boomers, or the emerging Gen Z we know that University Promotional Items are an important part of University Life. University Marketing and Student Recruitment teams are 100% correct in sourcing branded merchandise that is sustainable, creative, high quality and a student will use on a daily basis.

It’s up to University Marketing and Communications Teams to understand student priorities, values, approaches and how they want to be interacted with. Conventional marketing doesn’t seem to engage Gen Z, this demographic wants to be talked to, listened to, and definitely not marketed to.

Whether it’s at open days, discovery days, or freshers’ week we know Gen Z is an empowered generation who want to receive items that will make a positive environmental impact on a daily University Life. Social media and Wi-Fi are an integral part of their lives from a very young age. They can quickly adopt new technology, have several platforms at their disposal, and are constantly searching for new apps and platforms to use. Gen Z is an independent generation, using technology to solve problems, learn new things, and connect with their friends. By truly understanding Gen Z desires Universities can make valuable connections and build loyalty using branded merchandise in a genuine and thoughtful way.

To meet the demands of students looking for greater sustainability, flexibility, better technology, and high quality branded merchandise, promo companies are applying insight and building great customer relationships with University Marketing teams to make sure that students receive what they really want and genuinely benefit from the University Branded Items they receive on their journey.




Personalised Experience

Students want an immersive unique University experience that is personal and personalised to them. Gen Z students are loyal and looking to connect with other aspiring students, their environment and what better way to do that than branded hoodies personalised with their name. They are keen to be immersed in the University brand experience. This is an opportunity for the University to give out branded educational supplies from branded highlighters to hoodies and water bottles. Gen Z are under pressure to live ‘interesting’ lives especially on social media and every reason is to celebrate #LivingMyBestUniLife #Unilife # StudentLife #instagood #Unilife. Their online image is highly designed and curated so any wearable from the University is a long term- eco investment. If Promotional Merchandise Companies and University marketing teams can work together to provide the student with information about the ecological footprint and life cycle from design to production of their University hoody then the conversation with the student starts to become valuable #Instaready interesting!



Sustainability Matters

Gen Z students want to make a meaningful impact and get their voice heard whilst they are at University. They know they are responsible for changing the world — Sustainability matters. From reusable high quality bottles, bamboo fibre lunchboxes and silicone straws this generation want to make a meaningful contribution to the world. They want to be getting involved in fundraising, volunteering and competitive team sports is part of their game-changing (world changing) vision. They are not necessarily consumerists but have a mindset of quality ethical, long lasting and reusability. They want to know where their products have come from, who has made them, life cycle and eco footprints. Ethical promotional items with a transparent, authentic message are appreciated and build loyalty. Gen Z students care about the world and are aware of their impact and influence on the environment, politics and society on a whole — they are serious about change.



Tech Natives

At University, Gen Zs expect greater flexibility and the capacity to work remotely, collaboratively and seamlessly across their various devices. Convenience & Quality matter at the same time — Think Fast Track Service, Apps to Jump Registration Queues, Grab & Go Hot Vegan Lunches, Flexy Social and Work Zones. Tech branded items such as charging cables, webcam covers and password protected USBS are useful, long term and support the discerning Gen Z student. This generation is always on the move so how can their attention be grabbed? They watch the least amount of TV, are more active on Instagram and Youtube is the choice of platform for learning, developing and connecting. This is the generation actively blocking ads. So how can student recruitment teams reach this elusive market? Well the good news is this generation is looking for outstanding experiences coupled with cool products that a only a Creative University Marketing Team can provide. This is the generation who appreciate tech gifts and edgy marketing campaigns to for a gripping Uni Life Experience. Short videos on social networks which are interactive and enterprising — help to engage these go-getting consumers who are not afraid to dream big and work hard.



Gen Z = ZEN

There’s no question that health and wellness have become a priority for University Students and Staff as they seek out ways to live fuller and meaningful lives. From Mindfulness and Journaling, the growth in holistic wellness is an important part of Uni Life. Practicing self-care, destressing, and prioritizing time for self-care is definitely essential. Tools used on a daily basis range from Bullet Journals, Healthy Eating Apps, Decluttering Planning Tools, Breath Work on Youtube Videos, and Online Yoga Classes. As University Life looms large for Gen Z — they are focussed on their career path from a very young age, to stand out from the crowd Gen Z have a genuine dedication to be high flying and a fierce drive to be seen, heard, and make a positive impact on society and the world. To stay in the high-flying game Gen Z are the generation who understands the importance of mindset and soul purpose to achieve their full potential.



Other Names for Gen Z:

  • Z-lennials
  • iGen
  • Gen Tech
  • Net Gen
  • Neo-Digital Natives
  • Plurals
  • Screenagers

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