Here at Extravaganza, we have always been motivated by purpose-driven and innovative promotional merchandise that is earth-friendly and useful. We are known for being our happiest when we are feeling inspired and inspiring others.

But, how do we inspire during a pandemic when all the talk is Wholesale PPE, Nitrile Gloves, Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitisers, and Medical Masks? Well, we listen to the demands of our customers and listen to advice from the Government and the World Health Organisation. Within a few weeks into Lockdown, it became very apparent that we needed to create essential merchandise that is protective, safe, eco-friendly, and embodies a creative message.

So one of the items we have designed and manufactured is the “washable, reusable 3-layer fabric face masks with a PM2.5 filter insert"  WOW - a bit of a mouthful.

Amazingly these masks can be branded full colour with messages and artwork, delivered anywhere in the world within a 2-3 week timescale and follow the World Health Organisation (WHO) Guidelines released as of 5th June 2020. They are now proving to be an essential item to give to staff, clients, students, and colleagues as they travel and get back to business.

We've been busy working with Universities, Colleges, Local Councils, Construction Companies, and corporates to produce reusable fabric face masks, and washable face masks to ensure staff and customers can stay safe and help to stop the spread of germs.


What are the guidelines for face Masks?

The WHO guidance states fabric masks can help prevent the spread of the coronavirus where social distancing isn’t possible. The guidelines specify that the masks should have three particular layers, and should be worn and cleaned properly after every use.


What is the best fabric for reusable face masks?

The recommended layers are:

  • The outer layer of the mask should have a water-resistant fabric.
  • The inner layer should be water-absorbent and the middle layer should act as a filter.
  • The innermost layer of the mask is in contact with the wearer’s face. The outermost layer is exposed to the environment.

With this guidance in mind, our Fabric Masks follow the (WHO) guidelines. Because, the outer layer made is from polyester, an inner layer made of cotton, and a PM2.5 filter insert for the middle layer.


So why are these 3 materials important for Reusable Face Masks?

  • Polyester is considered “everyday waterproof,” which means although it's not 100% waterproof, it is protective enough for most everyday situations. It protects the wearer from moisture and germs which may be floating around in the air. Polyester is a hydrophobic fabric so great for repelling moisture.
  • Cotton is an absorbent material. This is because the fibers have a lot of space between them. It is comfortable and breathable for the inner part of these fabric masks.
  • PM2.5 Filter Insert is an Activated Carbon Filter that offers 5 layers of multiple protection.

Remember fabric masks are not for medical use or personal protective equipment (PPE) but they are comfortable, washable and can look a lot more friendly than a medical mask. Plus it is a great opportunity for branding and showing your customer genuine care.


What are the WHO Guidelines for wearing a fabric face mask safely?

To be effective, the masks should cover the nose, mouth, and chin and be secured with elastic loops or ties, include multiple layers, be washable and reusable.


What temperature should you wash your face mask?

Washable face masks can be washed at 60°C as it is the perfect temperature for killing bacteria, viruses, and removing stains. Washing these masks at 60°C along with a good detergent has been proven to kill all bacteria and viruses’ including the coronavirus. The Government and Health Authorities are working to prevent the virus from spreading, and there are ways ordinary people can guard against infection, amongst them regularly washing clothes.


How often should you clean your reusable face mask?

We recommend washing these daily with a good detergent. The benefits of these masks are they are reusable and eco-friendly.


Will the print come off in the wash?

No, the print won’t come off as the branded reusable face masks are printed via a process called dye-sublimation. This is a full-color print process so you could print a photograph or picture on the face masks. Dye Sublimation is a print technique that embeds dye into the fabric allowing it to stay soft and drapey. More importantly, the print will stay bright and vibrant after every wash.


Are Face Masks Eco-Friendly?

Yes, reusable face masks are eco-friendly. This is a massive plus point for us.
Already it has been reported that single-use face masks have been discarded on Hong Kong’s beaches and nature trails, which is a huge threat to marine life and wildlife.

Disposable masks are not a practical, long-term solution for the general public. They are not sustainable, mount up in costs, and end up in the oceans. Not only is there a potential health risk of dropping used masks and gloves during the pandemic but many contain materials that can’t be recycled and are not biodegradable.

Most Surgical masks are made using non-woven fabrics including plastics like polypropylene. This is just increasing the existing plastic pollution we had before and threatening the health of oceans and marine life.


What is the most eco-friendly printed face mask?

We would say the most cost-effective and environmentally-friendly face masks are the ones made from Recycled PET microfibre material, because they are made from 70% recycled plastic bottles. These are also washable up to 60 C. With this RPET Facemask, you support Plastic Bank: A social enterprise that aims to clean up plastic waste from our oceans while providing valuable opportunities for poor communities. Plastic Bank offers local residents of Haiti, the Philippines, and Indonesia cash or vouchers in exchange for the waste they collect, which then goes on to be recycled into products.

What can I brand on fabric face masks?

You can brand any message or logo that you like. The Extravaganza Team is ready to help with designs and show you some concept designs based on your logo. We have seen a sharp rise in #slogans and important world matters such as #BlackLivesMatter.



Fabric masks are now an essential, everyday requirement so the product will be well received and appreciated with your unique branding. Take a look here and we can advise on the most cost-effective options for you.

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