Branded Coffee Cup - Gangster Marketing Tool!

“Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee” says the time-poor marketing executive as she rushes into her first virtual meeting of the day, ready to bust out some moves and creative marketing strategies for her next promotional merchandise campaign! Flying out of the virtual boardroom with a branded coffee cup in hand, her budget & strategy signed off- BOOM she is a Gangster Marketer. Fuelled by caffeine and bags of enthusiasm!

Branding Coffee Cups? That’s a thought...

The gangster marketer floats back to her desk to be met with 5 million urgent e-mails, her huge to-do list on her Trelloboard, and many google sheets updates for her to complete. Questions fly in and out of her brain like.. “how do I go about branding coffee cups?” “What about branded reusable coffee cups?” She can’t get these thoughts out of her head! In her caffeine fuelled frenzy she starts sketching costa-esque designs for her next direct mail branded coffee cup campaign. The ideas keep flowing and she sets up a call with the Extravaganza Team to talk about samples, visuals, and the branded coffee cup campaign. The branded coffee cup samples will be with her the next day! They will be on brand, in colour and eco-friendly! Extravaganza is her “partner in branding” plus she loves their speed of action and enthusiasm. The Extravaganza team is ‘on it’. So for the creative marketer who is overtired, overworked, ambitious, and over-committed the ritual of 8, 11, and 3 pm coffee may bring a sense of zen and control to an out of control day, and having a creative promotional partner like Extravaganza is her secret sauce.

This Zero Waste Gangster Marketer is a caffeine drinking, CBD dabbling, gin guzzling, multi-tasking Queen... She knows what she wants - nothing can get in her way. With the Extravaganza Team, she has designed a whole mood board of branded coffee cups, travel cups, bamboo travel cups, reusable coffee cups, branded collapsible coffee cups. The samples are there to prod and test, the boss is going to be super impressed... Come 6 pm she is out of the matrix, proud, not to have ripped off HR Harriet’s head after her “urgent” request to ‘fluff up’ her PowerPoint presentation. So the question “How is a Gangster Marketer so successful, how is she so creative? Is it the “Hit Me Up Some Coffee” in her branded coffee cup? Creative, go-getters are focussed, results-driven, super organised, and quick decision-makers – they are also pretty exhausted and straight to the point 100 mph takes no type of 💩 – lovely, loyal, funny, and highly ambitious!

Super strong coffee in a branded promotional coffee cup and a branded journal full of goals, visions, and thoughts, might prove to be the most successful promotional gift of the year. Apart from that let’s not kid ourselves everyone needs that caffeine-induced hit preferably in a zero-waste branded travel coffee cup with a sip and slide lid to avoid spillage on her crisp white top!



Say Yes to Marketing Productivity.

As always we love giving you some geeky facts about branded travel coffee cups, branded reusable cups, and branding coffee! Did you know worldwide we produce around 50 billion kilograms of coffee waste each year? What’s leftover just gets thrown away. But wait up coffee branded merchandise is going up a level in 2021 and we are not letting anything go to waste. We can EVEN use coffee waste to make recycled branded coffee cups, branded notebooks, and branded coffee pens. The used coffee grounds are a waste stream from the coffee industry and guess what? Used coffee grounds are an organic material, it is biodegradable.

The biopolymer used is biodegradable and complies with EN13432 which is the standard norm for industrial composting. If you’re thinking what on earth is a biopolymer and is it even eco? Well, you will be pleased to know it is. Biopolymer material is based on reclaimed potato, grain, root, or seed flour-based resources. There are so many options for coffee marketing promotions, including some of the following.

Branded Coffee Cups are made from Coffee grounds (and sugarcane) which even smell like coffee. They are made from used coffee grounds and sugar cane ethanol. The used coffee grounds are a waste stream for the coffee industry and to stop the waste, we can manufacture your own merchandise from your office coffee waste! Your brand story got a shot of caffeine! So your merchandise will be innovative, green, and making a difference. And it’s not just coffee cups made from Coffee, but eco-friendly Coffee Notebooks too.

The cover of this notebook contains about 13 grams of coffee waste which is approximately the coffee grounds from two cups of coffee! The paper is 100% recycled, meaning there’s zero deforestation in its production process and it’s as environmentally friendly as possible.

To be even more extra than you probably are already being... We’ve got coffee pens! These are made from 40% coffee grounds, mixed with 60% ABS! If you’re wondering what ABS is, it stands for acetonitrile butadiene styrene, a terpolymer. The chemical and physical characteristics of ABS, make it one of the more complex and durable plastic filaments used in making pens. And the funny thing is, the pen even smells like coffee! Caffeine apparently blocks the adenosine receptors, which keeps us alert and on top of our marketing game, even when our brain wants to slow down. Caffeine can increase energy, concentration, and can get us into that creative flow.

Want to talk to us about branding coffee cups, branded travel cups, direct mail personalised coffee cups, branded coffee mugs? Then get in touch with the Extravaganza Team we’re excited to hear about your brand -