When it comes to custom socks, we are proud to offer top quality and unbeatable choices!


At Extravaganza we can design custom socks of your choice, coming in a variety of sock styles and material types. There's something for everyone!  Promotional branded socks can be sustainable and eco friendly. With no water waste, no dyes, no toxins or contamination but they look and feel absolutely gorgeous!

You can send us your logo or idea and we will design up some ideas for you. We’ve created branded promotional socks for all sorts of organisations from Universities, to Coffee Manufacturers, Sports Teams, Healthcare companies, Gaming Industries and Virtual Events and Parties. All that’s required is some creative thinking and a clever marketing message. Sometimes having someone else to do the creative thinking for you, makes life easier for everyone. Our team put together some questions of what we felt our clients asked the most when it comes down to promotional socks, and we answered them for you.


Q: What are the minimum order quantities for promotional socks?

A: 150 pairs per logo sock design and size.


Q: How are the promotional socks customised to our logo?

A: All of our socks are custom knitted and we have a lot of creative ideas we can help you with - almost anything is possible!


Q: What size options are there for promotional socks?

A: One size fits all for men, one size fits all for women. A one size fits most is also available. However, you can request any other sizes.


Q: How long do promotional socks take to manufacture?

A: Production time is 2-4 weeks and after proof approval we will send photographs from production to show you how the socks are coming along.


Q: How creative can we get with logo socks?

A: We can get super creative with the knitted design and also the header card.


Q: What is the quality like on these custom socks?

A: These are definitely retail quality promotional  socks but we encourage you to check out some samples before committing so you are 100% happy!


Q: What are these promotional  socks made from?

A: Composition: 85% Upcycled cotton for comfort, 12% polyamide for strength, 3% elastane for comfort and strength.


Q: Are Promotional Socks expensive to produce?

A: Click here to check our prices.


Q: How Eco Friendly are your custom socks?

A: These are super eco friendly socks. Our logo socks are made from upcycled recovered cotton fibre made from textile waste. The colour blending process is dye-free and creates unique colours without the use of water or chemicals. We then knit the socks with your design and place them into individual self-seal compostable bags made of potato starch. Every part is sustainable and eco-friendly.

bamboo eco-friendly socks


Q: Can you produce organic cotton promotional socks branded with our logo and design?

A : Yes we can. Our certified organic cotton promotional socks are made from 80% Organic combed cotton for comfort, 17% polyamide for strength, 3% elastane for comfort and strength. Organic cotton is grown without the use of synthetic pesticides and contains no synthetic pesticides. Pesticides used in the production of conventional cotton include orthophosphates such as phorate and methamidophos, endosulfan (highly toxic to farmers) and aldicarb. Other pesticides persisting in cotton fields include Trifluralin, Toxaphene and DDT.


Q: Can you deliver our promotional socks direct to customer addresses anywhere in the world?

A: Yes we can direct mail promotional logo socks safely and securely to your customers anywhere in the world. You can even add other marketing collateral to the packages. Just ask the team about your unique requirements and we can plan the project for you accurately with prices and delivery time frames: sales@extravagaza.uk.com


Q: What packaging options do you have for branded custom socks?

A: We have lots of creative options for you from the standard compostable bag to branded bespoke boxes, compressed socks packaging, and sock tin packaging.


Q: What style options are there for branded and custom socks?

A: We can knit logo socks to many different popular styles such as low cut sports socks, quarter sports socks perfect for training activities, crew socks which fall below the calf - (these are the most popular), mid calf socks, gripper socks, thermal socks, work socks and reflective socks and knee socks. All which can be branded with your unique artwork and messages.


Q: Can the custom socks be pantone matched to our logo?

A: All of our promotional socks are custom knitted so the good news is there is a lot of flexibility, allowing us to change the technical and design characteristics of the socks as required. We have 160 stock yarn colours available which are matched to pantone colours.  We can produce Pantone dyed yarns but these require an additional 4 weeks to produce. 


Q: Can you produce knitted promotional sock samples first before we place the bulk order?

A: Yes we can and it takes about 1 week to produce. The cost is £150 (exc vat) but will be refunded once the order is placed for the bulk order.


Q: Are the printed tags expensive to produce?

A: These are included in the price of the socks and have a great full colour print area for your creative message.


Q: Do you have any promotional sock templates you can send to us so we can design the socks ourselves?

A: Yes we do and we can send these to you.


Q: How should the socks be washed?

A: We suggest that the logo socks be washed inside out to preserve the quality and colour for as long as possible. The washing instructions are also printed on the printed tags too.


Q: Great I want to get started what should I send to you?

A: You can speak to us on 0116 285 2417 or e-mail over your artwork and design brief to sales@extravaganza.uk.com and we will get your prices, lead times and designs sent over for your approval. Easy peasy and lots of creative custom sock fun.