What was the nature of the project?

We were contacted by the student futures team at The University of Chester to create a Student Campus Kit filled with merchandise. The initial request was for branded tote bags, branded face coverings, a door opener keyring, latex gloves, and hand sanitisers. The request was for a high quantity of 15,000 and a short lead time. The University of Chester was keen to explore branded and unbranded options as well as direct delivery to students and split delivery options. From the offset, sustainability underpinned the nature of the project.



Why was the project being undertaken?

The project was undertaken to welcome students back to the campus with the student campus kit idea to ensure that students feel confident, and safe during the Covid19 pandemic.Ā  The Welcome Week was taking place 13-18th September 2020. The aim was to pick items to promote the health and wellbeing of students, that could be used every day,Ā  value for money, and eco-friendly. The brief presented by the University of Chester was clear, strategic, and collaborative.


What solutions were considered?

We looked at ready-made kits, branded and plain stock options, including hand sanitisers, disposable gloves, hygiene keyrings, tech products, lanyards and a few extra all packed up neatly into a goodie bag.


Why was this solution chosen?

The solution chosen by the University of Chester and the Student Futures Team was the Natural Cotton Drawstring Bags and Brushed Cotton Face Masks, branded with a one-colour logo. Both are available on a 3-week lead-time, eco-friendly and of good quality. The masks and bags allowed for big print areas so that we could replicate the crest logo in detail.


Were there any risks involved?

The potential risks we identified were courier delays during the height of the pandemic. As time was short we presented the samples and the scope of manufacturing via video chat, photos and proofs. The success of this campaign from the onset was clear communication, speed of action and plenty of collaboration. The kit would be used to promote the health and wellbeing of students and as a tool to enhance community liaison.



Is there anything we would have done differently or any lessons learned?

We have learned that collaboration and honest communication is the key to success. The University of Chester understood the risks with delivery and potential delays. The magic key to this project was clear communication, picking up the phone, and having a good chat. Sometimes light-hearted banter is the key to developing a trusted long-term relationship and nothing beats picking up the phone.

We love working with the University of Chester as they are passionate about sustainability and the long-term use of promotional products. Ethical sourcing standards, along with high levels of innovation and creativity, meant as soon as the request came in we knew exactly what areas to focus on.


Working with the University of Chester has allowed us to offer maximum value for money and be able to provide a constant and consistent level of creative input. The more we have got to know the University of Chester team the quicker we have been able to respond with solutions that fit their brand and values.

Touching lives.

We realise that the solution we agreed on with the University of Chester ultimately would encourage positive engagement with students during uncertain times.Ā  The team clearly communicated the nature of this campaign; ultimately protecting and enriching the life of a student as they entered into a unique academic year.


University of Chesterā€™s receptivity to the world of promotional merchandise has allowed us to engage in lots of different ways and weā€™ve enjoyed seeing successful results.

Building networks.

Getting to know the University of Chester and the Student Futures Team has helped us understand the needs and be able to collaborate on future projects.


Contact us.

Get in touch if you want to collaborate with the Extravaganza team on your next student campus kit merchandise ideas. We will always find a solution for your merchandise whatever your idea is that you have in mind. Please contact us at sales@extravaganza.uk.com or call us on 0116 285 2417. The team will be more than happy to help with any request.