Who are Phat Buns?

Phat Buns is relatively new to the burger game with restaurant stores popping up all over the UK and offering something fresh fast-food options that look totally awesome. Phat Buns offer a unique custom burger experience by letting customers choose exactly how they want their buns with a huge range of toppings to go with their smashed-style patties. We have absolutely loved and enjoyed every minute of working with Phat Buns. The amazing black and orange branding got us really excited and we knew straight away that their contrasting black and orange designs would look awesome on the request for Phat Buns student kit merchandise.

Looking to showcase their brand at the Loughborough Students’ Gold Card event, Phat Buns needed some merch that would wow but also be ready to give out to some hungry students just a few days later (along with some of their tasty burgers of course).


Phat chance?

We had a call from Phat Buns’ Loughborough branch on a random Thursday at around 4pm with their event taking place on the following Tuesday. When a customer calls us within such short notice of their event it can be challenging but we’re always trying to find the best solution for our client's needs and we certainly do not like turning anyone away.

When Phat Buns got in touch to tell us about their event, that is exactly what we did for them. We offered a range of products that would look fantastic with their brand, but most importantly, also were able to be printed within the 3 working day window we had to work with. Phat Buns wanted to wow Loughborough students at their event and although we only had a couple of days to print, the products we provided did exactly that. We were able to create an entire Phat Buns student kit with various merchandise including a printed drawstring bag, printed sports bottle, printed pen, and engraved keyring that looked spot-on together.


How did we brand?

We love working with brands like Phat Buns because they have a huge impact when printed onto merch. Although we were unable to offer our full range of products at short notice, we found a solution that really worked with the Phat Buns brand.

Printing orange onto black can sometimes be problematic. More vibrant colours like orange can sometimes be lost on a black product meaning that we might have needed a flash screen (basecoat) or ‘hit’ printing beneath the orange to get the right colour. This unfortunately adds more time to production. Not ideal when we’re already short on time!

Another option we looked into was to switch to black print on orange products but orange on black was just so much more on-brand for Phat Buns.

Printing directly onto black without a flash screen meant we had to take extra care when looking into Pantone colours. We looked at a few different colour options to make sure the orange matched the brand but also that it popped and gave us the nice contrast we wanted. Despite the time pressures it is always worthwhile taking care of this part of the print process as it meant we got a good quality finish on all the printed products.

The engraved keyring was also a nice touch as the engraving process creates a copper effect that goes well with the orange print on the rest of the kit. We love little touches and details like this as they look fantastic and give the kit a retail quality feel.


Receptivity and exposure.

Loughborough owes its reputation to its student scene, when term time is on, the town comes alive with a real buzz. Useful and reusable merch was bound to go down well with cost-cutting students, especially when it looks this good! With many choosing Loughborough uni for its sports facilities, products that would be useful for an active lifestyle like the bottle and the drawstring bag were also a fantastic choice. Products like these are great for brand engagement.

It’s no secret that students love a freebie, and the Phat Buns kit was no exception. Along with some delicious burgers, Phat buns gave away their kits to students at the event and they went down a treat. They really put their merch to its full potential by getting photos of students with the Phat Buns merch all over social media. Campaigns like this make for great brand exposure. Not only did they make sure the event’s guests remembered their fun Phat Buns experience, but they also created a buzz around the brand and it’s merch which will help them create loyalty among students. No doubt there were a few envious Phat Buns fans that saw these Instagram stories!


Were there any risks involved?

Super urgent orders like this always run some risks but we made sure to keep a  close eye on the print process, aiming to minimize risk and making sure the job ran smoothly. The secret sauce is to communicate openly and honestly with our customers about the ongoing process, meaning if we were to run into any hiccups, we’re able to let them know exactly what is happening straight away and get cracking on with solutions!

It is not always easy to communicate the time constraints to our couriers although we will always keep a close eye on tracking and chase up any delays while updating the customer so they don’t need to worry.

Whether it’s production or delivery, we will always provide the customer with regular updates. This is really important for the customer on a time-sensitive order like this, reassuring the customer that their merchandise is in safe hands.


Is there anything we would have done differently?

It’s tricky to say what we could have done differently since we went with the quickest products we possibly could! Since we love the Phat Buns brand, it would have been great if we could have offered some of our other fantastic products as they could have looked amazing when printed up!




Building relationships.

Frequent and open communication is essential for making the customer feel at ease when aiming for a tight deadline. Building a relationship with the customer along the way is also a real bonus and we look forward to working with Phat Buns on future projects. Of course, the job wouldn’t be complete without trying Phat Buns for ourselves. A Friday lunch trip to get a couple of their delicious burgers was a really nice way to tie this job up, and I have a feeling it won’t be our last time!


Contact us.

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