Proud moments in football.

Leicester is famous for many things including the largest Diwali Celebrations outside of India, Europeā€™s Largest Outdoor Covered Market, Home to Walkers Crisps, Premier League Football Team and FA Cup Winners 2020/21 Leicester City Football Club. We love our city and we love what we do! So when we are asked to produce giant fan flags in 24 hours we said Yes! To be able to provide the football club with promotional printed flags for LCFC was a great opportunity for us and we love helping our community. Just like football, a good brand should speak a universal language. It is a subtle art which connects individuals to a collective mission, with a divine purpose.


Branding and colours.

Brand colours, football kits, club crest, mascots, language and vibe are what make a football brand adored and supported by its tribe. Football branding attracts sponsors, builds fan loyalty, and allegiance and drives the total fan experience to another level.


Football branding is the sum total of all the impressions the fans, sponsors and partners have of the club! Everything from the logo to customer service to even the kit quality. Everything a football club is doing sends a message, and it's our job to work with football brand managers, to ensure their printed merchandise and promotional printed flags for LCFC are true to the brand! The Leicester City Football Club logo and brand identity are well-designed and iconic. The branding is driven by purpose, with a clear mission in place which creates an impactful kick.



Creating merchandise for Leicester City Football Club.

So by far, our favourite branded merchandise for LCFC has been the GIANT FAN FLAGS. Branded Football Flags are the quickest, boldest and heart-stopping way to display unity. They are HUGE, they are versatile and can display the mood of the game from start to end. They can also be used over and over again. The sheer size just makes them magnificent!

Crowd Surfer Flags are interactive, emotional and fun. Ask the Leicester City Fans. We are so humbled to supply all the nature of printed fan flags for football teams. For fan flags, size really does matter.

Like many of the top football teams, LCFC brand values are clearly FAN focused, personal, emotive and respectful! You can see and feel this soon as you enter the stadium, from the greeting, smiling faces, banter and gifts received on-site or at home. All are carefully selected with the fan top of mind. Pure love and respect for the fan. After all, it is the fan that gives life to the football club.

One BIG HEARTED Family - this can be seen, heard but most importantly felt in the atmosphere. Subtle but strong-rooted brand essence. So when asked by our local team to help with Fan flags and crowd surfer flags we never hesitate to make it happen in super short lead times.

When we were asked to produce the Khun Vichai Tribute Flag for the 10th November 2018 whilst the Leicester City Fans observed a minute's silence to remember the victims of the Leicester City helicopter crash which killed Leicester City Chairman ahead of the English Premier League football match between Leicester City and Burnley at King Power Stadium in Leicester - our answer was YES it would be an honour! The crunch point was we had 2 days to print, stitch and deliver a 20-metre x 15-metre flag safely and with full discretion. It was a big task but we knew we could move mountains to make it happen.



These flags were printed as a Dye Sublimated process and then run through a heating process to dry the ink, they were then cut on a CNC cutter, the seamstresses then hemmed the edges to stop it from fraying. Throughout the whole process, it goes through around 5-6 hands - Few hours to print, 1 - 15 minutes to cut, then an hour or so to hem and pack.

Fast Forward to May 2021 when the Team won the FA Cup we were asked to create a similar flag for the 15th May 2021! This time with 48 hours to finalise, print and deliver. In their 137-year history, Leicester had never previously won the FA Cup. They had reached four finals and lost them all. But everything changed on an occasion that built to a dramatic crescendo when destiny seemed to drag Leicester over the line.



Crowd Flags change the atmosphere in the stadium, they are high-impact and emotionally connect the club to the fan! Perfect for promoting a message on camera and are made bespoke to requirements. They are lightweight, fire-rated and delivered directly. All were tracked and delivered on time (however short the lead time).


Promotional printed pennants.

We have also created many LCFC pennants for the football club, they are ideal for competitions, match days, tournaments and more. Our full-colour printable pennants are a great way to promote your club/organisation, for many years we have specialised in creating high-quality pennants.



Contact us.

If you are looking to discuss anything about promotional printed flags for LCFC or for yourselves, then contact the team at or call the team on 0116 285 2417. The team are always happy to help so expect some excitement, enthusiasm and quick responses from us.