What could zero waste marketing entail?

Zero waste means diverting 90% of waste from landfills and making steps towards producing less waste in the first place. So promoting products and services in an eco-friendly way, whilst highlighting your commitment to the consumer, and reducing the use of single-use plastic in marketing is the number one way of encouraging a zero-waste lifestyle. But as we know some habits are easier to change than others but with the wide use of reusable bottles, metal straws, lunch boxes, coffee cups and branded cotton shoppers we have noticed that marketing teams are seeking merchandise that encourages a zero-waste lifestyle and a positive brand image.



What does the research say?

With ongoing research we know marketers are seeking out eco promotional products that are higher quality, save time and money and promote their brand in a healthy eco way. We know brand always comes first. So keeping a close ear to consumer trends we have introduced a wider range of merchandise that helps consumers get closer to their Zero Waste Commitments. Whether it’s printed bamboo cutlery, engraved metal straws, hot-cold bottles or branded takeaway coffee cups, Extravaganza has leapt into action in 2020 with a wide range of Innovative Zero Waste Promotional Products which are functional, beautiful and portray an earth-friendly brand image.

Bye Bye Plastic Straws (and paper mush straws…)

There is a crackdown on the use of single-use plastic straws but what is actively discouraged now may even be made illegal by 2025. The imminent ban on plastic straws has seen the likes of fast food chains introduce paper straws. For the sake of our planet, it is fairly acceptable to drink your Coke Zero through one off these limp alternatives, however, we want you to venture into the land of exotic drinks like your matcha smoothie, golden milk frappuccino or milkshake and be prepared for a mouthful of mush.

Hail the advent of reusable straws, helping to reduce the number of plastic straws that are chucked into landfills or washed out into the ocean so what are the choices when it comes to reusable promotional straws? With the growing demand for sustainable and zero-waste branded merchandise, we at Extravaganza have been innovating and have put together a range of Reusable Straws which can be branded with your logo.


Here are some of our favourites:



It seems to grab lunch on the go are potential eco nightmare when it comes to the task of becoming a Zero Waste Consumer. Plastic salad tubs, takeaway cups, Sandwich packaging, plastic forks, bottled drinks, cling films — all single-use and once used, thrown away to pollute the oceans and threaten our planet. But there are plenty of reusable promotional lunch storage solutions to suit a wide range of marketing budgets, branding and lead times too.


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