University of Leicester Pride Month


Why choose colourful eco merchandise?

The Extravaganza Promotional Merchandise Team are keen to promote the use of colourful eco-friendly merchandise for all the top colourful events including pride month. Marketing & events teams have been adopting their green practices and developing sustainable strategies for their campaigns and events. Looking at key factors such as the environmental impact of manufacturing, packaging, and the consequences of consumption. Extravaganza takes its commitment to earth-positive promotions, very seriously and being able to offer bright and colourful eco-merchandise gives excitement and creativity to your promotions whilst also being able to advertise your brand as an eco-conscious business that cares for the environment.


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Why is it important to us?

The brother and sister owners of Extravaganza, Ash and Aarti Parmar are second-generation British Indians and have a deep respect for sustainable products, eco-materials and the longevity of promotional goods with an Innovative, unique edge.

Aarti explains ā€œWe were brought up to look after everything within the environment and were taught to never throw things away. From a young age, we learnt to care for and respect our possessions as well as to get creative with hand-me-downs. The Indian culture influences the choice of merchandise we source and produce at Extravaganza. We love creative, bright and earth-friendly promotional merchandiseā€.

Last year the Extravaganza team saw a huge rise in rainbow promotional items for Pride Events and Pride Marches across the UK, including some of the events we worked with such as the University of Leicester pride event which they had on for students. But also many other businesses from across the UK including shops to bars, businesses, colleges and universities were all hosting their one pride events in their towns and cities. It's a very important event that happens every year, so having reusable items and also items that last a long time are super useful as they come in handy every single year. With this amount of consumption in mind, the Extravaganza team are keen to promote the colourful eco-friendly merchandise that is available.


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Products which are colourful and eco.

The most popular items you can find that are bright and colourful are multicoloured sunglasses, promotional shot glasses, rainbow buntings, balloons, rainbow wigs and multi-colour cotton shoppers. This product range now includes vegan rainbow sweets in compostable bags, recycled plastic badges, bamboo straws bamboo tumblers and eco rainbow lanyards.


Contact us.

If you are looking to discuss products which are eco-friendly but that also come in various bright colours then you can contact the team at or call the team on 0116 285 2417, our team are always happy to help out with any advice or ideas you may have.