Extravaganza is the bridge that links the Central Marketing Team with different departments. When it comes to printing promotional merchandise, our team will be sure to add some creativity, fun and spice to your merchandise with innovative and trending ideas to your merchandise. The team have expert skills in branding and printing skills and also are able to give you a 100% proof check guarantee with your branded merchandise. Because we call ourselves the brand ambassadors for your brand and merchandise, we will take that extra care and quality when it comes to your products and branding. We will also ensure that everyone who buys branded promotional merchandise for your specific brand or organisation is in sync with the brand values and identity and speaks the same brand language when various people are ordering for the same company and we will make sure they are cross-checked for consistency throughout. As a promise, we will always bring life and personality into your branded products to make sure your recipients have an amazing experience with your brand when they receive their giveaway items and printed promotional gifts and branded goody bags and kits.


Proof check guarantee Branding experts for promotional merchandise Brand ambassadors and logo experts


In summary, here are some ways our team can help you.

Brand experts.

We're like the brand's secret agents. We're all about the brand's look, feel, and vibe. This helps us choose cool merchandise that matches and promotes the brand.

Message experts.

We're the pros at passing messages. We gather info from the marketing wizards and then let the department peeps know what's going on. This way, everyone's on the same page.

Custom magic makers.

We're like tailors but for merchandise. We ensure every department gets what they need but with a twist of brand magic. So, it's unique to them but still brand-tastic.

Guidance gurus.

We're like the map for departments. They ask us how to use the merchandise to jazz up their awesome campaigns. We're like their marketing superhero sidekicks.

Idea factories.

We're the idea generators. We help brainstorm the coolest merchandise ideas that grab attention. Think of us as your brainstorming wizards.

Two-way communicators.

We're like the walkie-talkies between Central Marketing and departments. We keep everyone in the loop and make sure no one misses out on anything exciting or important.

Campaign heroes.

We help make campaigns even more exciting. We ensure the merchandise is part of the story, whether it's an open day, graduation or welcome week. We're like the campaign's secret weapons.

Feedback friends.

We're the listeners. We collect feedback from departments about what works and what doesn't. Then we share it with Central Marketing so they can make things even better.

Team builders.

We help people from different departments work together. We show them cool examples of how merchandise fits into different projects. It's like we're the teamwork champions.

Numbers wizards.

We track how well things are going. If people love the merchandise or the campaigns do great, we notice. This helps everyone know what's a hit.



So in a nutshell, we're not just brand ambassadors... we're like the superheroes of making your brand stuff super cool and connected across the whole organisation.


Ready to rock it?


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If you would like to find out more about how we can help you with your branding and be the brand ambassadors for your own brand then you can get in touch with the team at sales@extravaganza.uk.com or give the team a call at 0116 285 2417, they will be more than happy to help.