As we approach 2024, the Rubik's Cube celebrates it's 50th anniversary, marking half a century of challenging and entertaining minds worldwide. The story begins in 1974 in Budapest, Hungary. Ernő Rubik, a professor of architecture, designed a three-dimensional puzzle to help his students understand spatial geometry. Originally the Rubik Cube was known as the "Magic Cube" or "Bűvös Kocka" in Hungarian, Rubik himself took a month to solve his invention, paving the way for countless others to experience the joy and frustration of the challenge.

By 1980, the puzzle was licensed to the Ideal Toy Corporation, making its debut on the international stage. Rechristened as the "Rubik's Cube," the toy took the world by storm. From children to adults, millions found themselves engrossed, trying to align the colours on all six sides.

The Rubik's Cube is not only a source of entertainment but it’s equally a tool for learning and innovation. Mathematicians delved into the cube's complexity, with over 43 quintillion possible combinations but only one solution. The cube has even found its way into art, with printed and branded Rubik's cubes which are mosaic portraits made from multiple cubes depicting famous figures like Martin Luther King Jr. and the Mona Lisa.


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Why should your brand choose Rubik's Cubes?

As we mark the Rubik's Cube's 50th Anniversary, big brands are celebrating this opportunity to brand their own for promotional and merchandise use. The best thing about Promotional Printed Rubik's cubes is that they can be super creative and fun and a great marketing tool to use when thinking about merchandise. They provide not only brand exposure but also serve as engaging toys, another key point is they keep people occupied whilst showcasing your branding, logo or message at the same time. It's not just a toy, but an experience, and even better it’s tailored with YOUR branding and marketing message.


Why should a Rubik's Cube be branded and customised?

Retro vibes, modern appeal.

The Rubik's Cube, with its iconic 80's charm, and it's surprisingly making a roaring comeback! Marrying vintage allure with contemporary branding techniques is a game-changer.

Hands-on engagement.

Unlike passive promotional items, a Rubik's Cube demands interaction. Every twist and turn embed your brand deeper into a user's memory.

Universally adored.

Ageless and universally cherished, the Rubik's Cube appeals to everyone, from kids to adults. Your brand, on such a beloved item, creates an instant emotional connection.


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When is the right time to giveaway merchandise?

Trade shows.

Stand out with this nostalgic yet innovative giveaway idea, fit all the necessary information on the Rubik's Cube within the huge branding area which can be used for an effective giveaway idea for new prospects and clients.

Client gifts.

Thank your wonderful clients with a Rubik's Cube as a playful token that sits proudly on their desks, constantly reminding them of your brand.

Company conferences/meetings.

If your company hosts or participates in conferences, giving out Rubik's cubes during breaks or as prizes can be a memorable gesture ad can ensure people speak about your brand.

Product launches.

If you're launching a new product, incorporating a Rubik's cube with thematic colours or designs can provide attendees with a keepsake.

Pop-up shops.

If your brand has a pop-up store, you can offer Rubik's cubes to the first 'X' number of visitors to help drive engagement and new people to your shop.

Online campaigns.

Engage your online audience by hosting challenges or contests on social media platforms with the Rubik's Cube as a reward.

Educational institutions.

Partner with schools or colleges for events, fests, or seminars and distribute your Rubik's cubes there. Students will love the idea of a Rubik's Cube and they are great for health and well-being too.


If your brand organizes or sponsors a workshop, include the Rubik's cube in the goodie bag as a great and memorable surprise.

Client meetings.

Instead of the traditional corporate gifts, offer your clients a Rubik's cube as a token of appreciation. It’s a lovely surprise to receive.

Sports events.

Partner with local sports teams or events and offer Rubik's cubes as part of the audience engagement.


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Types of products on offer.


Unlock limitless creativity and innovation.

The cube features six faces and countless colour combinations, the possibilities are infinite with our Rubik's Cube. The Rubik's Cube 50th Anniversary will be universally recognized, and your brand's unique design will make it stand out even more. Each face features glossy square stickers on which the artwork is digitally printed. Find artwork templates within each individual product for correct artwork templates and sizes. There is even the option to purchase an anti-scratch matt sticker design instead which is available at an additional cost.

The blocks are black as standard and are made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic (white blocks are available at a slightly higher price). These Rubik's Cube items come shrink-wrapped as standard but can instead be packed in a white or full-colour printed paper box but there are additional charges which apply. A plastic display stand can also be supplied with each cube at an additional cost. If you are interested in any of these additional items you can just ask someone from the team.


Important requirements when purchasing.

The official Rubik's logo must appear somewhere on the cube (see artwork requirements). This is because it’s an official Rubik's Cube item so therefore has to feature the logo as stated. The Rubik's Cube products can be purchased for retail, but they require specific approval from Spin Master (not guaranteed) and incur higher prices and MOQs than those for promotions (so please ask for details). We can arrange a Declaration of Conformity (DOC) certificate detailing the conformity and responsibility the company takes on board regarding the safety of the product in question.


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Weird facts you didn’t know.


The Rubik's Cube was not originally created as a toy. It was designed to help students understand three-dimensional geometry.

World records.

While many aim to solve the cube as quickly as possible, there are records for unusual categories such as solving it underwater, while juggling, and even using only the feet!

Art medium.

Artists have used thousands of Rubik's Cubes to create pixelated images of famous figures like the Mona Lisa and celebrities.

Rubik’s in space.

In 1985, the Rubik's Cube became the first toy to be played in space. It was brought aboard the Space Shuttle Challenger.

Beyond six sides.

While the classic cube has six faces, there are bizarre variants like the 17x17x17 cube, one of the largest solvable cubes available.

Blindfolded solving.

There's a competitive category for blindfolded solving. Competitors first study the cube, don a blindfold, and then solve!

Rare cubes.

Some of the rarest Rubik's Cubes are worth thousands of dollars. There are diamond-studded versions and collector's editions that can fetch a hefty price.


The Rubik's Cube has made cameos in various films. In one instance, in the 1982 movie E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, E.T. tries to solve it.

Pop culture status.

In the 80s, the Rubik's Cube had its own cartoon show and even a dedicated fan club.


Contact us.

A custom-printed promotional Rubik's Cube isn't just another promotional item; it's a storytelling tool, a conversation starter, and a brand amplifier rolled into one vibrant, twistable package. In the world of branding, where standing out is the ultimate goal, a Rubik's Cube adorned with your logo could be your secret weapon. Let's celebrate the Rubik's Cube's 50th Anniversary. If you would like to customise your own Rubik's Cube you can email the team at or give the team a call at 0116 2852417 and they will be more than happy to help with your enquiry.


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