Promotional Merchandise allows people to see, experience, and emotionally connect with your brand, so together let's make your next campaign a truly memorable one!



Make a personal connection with your staff and customers with branded kits.

  • Work from home kits.
  • Welcome your staff back to work kits.
  • Can be mailed out.
  • Customise the kits as you like.



Branded Tube Bandana Snoods.

  • Personalised up to full colour all over
  • 100% Polyester, 135gsm. 25cm x 48cm
  • Washable up to 60°C
  • Ideal neck warmer
  • Great brand exposure
  • A great alternative to face masks


Stuck for ideas? .... take a look below for some inspiration.

Feel free to contact us with details of your next campaign and we'll take care of the rest.


soft & colourful notebooks.

We love the super colour range and ultra-soft covers.
Ideal branding: Embossed or 1 colour, big and bold.

portable bass speaker

A weighty Bluetooth speaker providing exceptional sound quality for such a small device. An ideal travel companion.
Ideal branding: Laser engraved for a superb mirror finish.


We love that these can also double up as a pencil case or a beauty pouch. Ideal travel companion.
Ideal branding: Full colour, all over.

healthcare merchandise.

HYGIENE products will now play a big part in our daily lives.

  • Get your Wholesale HYGIENE products fast.
  • Packed with essentials on both the UK and European stockholding.
  • Bulk wholesale pricing and quantities. 
  • Selected items available for next day delivery. 

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And Discover Creative Eco Promotional Merchandise & Wholesale Products.
If you love branding, and exciting products but struggle to find unique merchandise that fits your brand identity then you have come to the right place.

  • We’ve been helping over-stretched, highly ambitious marketing teams since 2008 to realise their promotional merchandise dreams.
  • We understand you have a million things to juggle, so we promise to keep the process clear, creative, colourful and closely tracked.
  • Whatever your confidence levels with print and promotion we’re here to help you get it right. We deliver all over the world, to multiple locations and tight lead times.

We know that you will need samples, concept visuals and lots of information to get that ‘sign off’. We’re here to give you as much info as you need from supply chain photos, test sheets, Pantone references, packaging information, tracking details. Every little detail counts.

Good branding takes some clear thinking and creativity and we would prefer you to talk through your campaigns with us first before you dive right in. Your branding and campaign are just as important as the promotional products that you choose so we will always make sure we get to understand you and your brand identity first.

Promotional Merchandise allows people to see, experience, and emotionally connect with your brand, so let’s not leave it to chance.

eco bamboo lunch box

Promotional Merchandise is Generosity Marketing.

First impressions are formed in milliseconds, so selecting the right production with effective branding will go a long way.

So how does receiving a branded gift create a sense of connection and loyalty over time?

Well, the answer is it makes your customer feel valued, respected and belonging to your brand. “it is better to give than receive” is one of the most famous verses. These days science and theology back each other up even when it comes to promotional merchandise.

The art of giving a gift generates a subtle shift in a supplier and customer relationship. And even when it comes to marketing psychology, it’s been proven that giving a gift activates dopamine and oxytocin releasers.

It’s a feel-good, trust-building, loyal emotion. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that associates happiness and reward. So gifting your customer with a branded product may be the most important marketing strategy you employ this year.

The great thing is it creates a sense of well being for not just the recipient but for the customer too. A perfect formula for building a genuine, loyal fan base of customers.

The struggle most marketers have is finding the perfect promotional item which will be well received, within budget, delivered on time and used on a daily basis.

That’s where the Extravaganza team can advise on the latest trends and popular products for your demographic or sector. The benefits of giving especially in marketing are huge, it’s not just a promotional exercise but has massive social and neurological effects.

Promotional gifts reinforce bonds and relationships between a brand and its customer.

Generosity Marketing and Promotional Items pulls your customer towards you and your message.

It establishes trust and your brand to be associated as the market leader in the field.

By giving away a promotional item it proves your brand can be relied on and trusted. Giving generously puts you in front of your customer regularly, which also means they will remember your company name when they need it!

The biggest part of generosity marketing is that it gives your brand the opportunity to interact without pitching. This is a huge shift for marketers and the sales team to build a genuine loyal fan base of customers.

In an era when marketing is automated and mainly digital, it is important to get personal and interact with your customer on a ‘Human’ level.

Creative promotional merchandise has the power to do this.

Every single marketing team is on the lookout for the next big thing, the freshest concepts, the most unique and quirky promotional product.

We advise wherever possible to aim for high-quality quality, eco-friendly merchandise, branded beautifully. Whether it is a branded keep cup, hi-vis vest or an embossed Moleskine notebook, when done from a customer focussed perspective we ensure it will be well received and kept for a long time.

We realise your promotional product needs to look sharp in recognition of your customer’s idiosyncrasies and lifestyle. Whether your business is B2B, B2C, or P2P ultimately your promotional product enables you to give your customer a brand experience that is holistic, multi-channelled and personalised.

Direct Mail Marketing - Promotional Merchandise for a Virtual World.

So your events are all in virtual form, from webinars, expos, gatherings, parties and product launches. We live in a world of immersive technologies that are ready to fill the void of mass gatherings and cancelled shows.

Your job as a creative marketing person is to plan physical and virtual marketing with precision. Whether your customer is live streaming or using your on-demand products your branded merchandise has to be carefully picked, planned, delivered direct, and on time.

You visualise your event being immersive, interactive and fun! The last thing you want is last-minute haphazard tech glitches and merchandise ending up in the wrong place or not turning up on time.

The Extravaganza team are here to help you plan and execute your direct mail marketing with laser precision. Whether your direct mail is for 100's or 1000's of people, we're here to plan, design, print and deliver directly to your audience for an interactive merchandise experience.

The physical marketing goods will definitely be well-received when your audience is craving human connection more than ever before.

You have a captive audience to impress and engage. Now, more than ever before your direct mail has to BE OUTSTANDING, Sustainable and Full of Good Vibes.

Direct Mail Marketing is about creating a connection. Building a relationship. This connection will outlast any single sales transaction and embed your customer into your brand.

The direct mail merchandise that your organisation gives out is just as important to your brand as other elements. After all, promotional items are a physical, tangible representation of your brand in the real world.

You’re here because you believe, as we do, that a truly great promotional item is about so much more than simply putting your logo on a cheap giveaway. It’s a tool to connect in a world where we are craving human to human connection.

We want to get to know you and your brand properly. If you are ready to boost your promotional merchandise to create higher perceived value, to delight your audience and build loyalty for life then we want to work with you.

In the words of marketing guru Gary Vee: “The reality is, the greatest companies in the world don’t sell. They Brand"... So let’s GET BRANDING!