About us.

We are so honoured to have you visit us at Extravaganza Promotional Merchandise, you are most likely here because you are a super busy creative marketer, who has high standards and you want to elevate your promotional merchandise campaign to an extraordinary & exciting level.  You are probably also bored of the same old stuff and want to experience new innovative promotional products, develop exciting campaigns and get some outstanding marketing results! You also appreciate honest guidance, a helping hand and sensational service. Well this is exactly the reason we launched Extravaganza back in 2008. We saw a gap in the market for creative, innovative promotional merchandise which was planned and delivered with precision and care. We are promotional merchandise campaign builders who look at your whole marketing story. We are definitely not that company that blindly plonks logos onto stuff.

The Extravaganza team is here to guide, advise and inspire you. So together we can create some outstanding results with your merchandise which can truly transform your customer’s life. We understand that there are lots of different elements that go into making a successful marketing campaign and that if any one of them is missed, skipped or done badly then the whole campaign collapses. Since 2008 we’ve been on a mission to prove that promotional merchandise is a powerful and underutilised marketing tool and when planned correctly and thoughtfully can transform a whole marketing campaign from mediocre to magnificent.


Have you checked your marketing checklist?

Marketing is tricky and can take lots of different forms and touchpoints. Click here to see the helpful list of all the marketing activities you are probably doing or may have missed! We really do understand why you and your department are so busy, so our team are here to take promo off your hands and sort it all out for you.


Our team.

We pride ourselves in creating amazing relationships in the office and we always ensure we have a good time! We are always getting involved in something, whether this is team lunches, charity events, having fun in the office, visiting an awards night, or a big trade show event. if you want to find out more about the team click here.

Why are we called Extravagnza?

We believe that our name Extravaganza comes from the experience we give. It only takes a few subtle tricks and attention to detail to make promotional merchandise and branded items into something completely EXTRA. As a company we strive to be that little bit EXTRA aka amazeballs, phenomenal, out of this world. Whatever you choose to print for your promotions, we will make sure your promotional merchandise is glorious. You won’t be disappointed if you are ready to break the mould and have a break-through experience with your promotional products.

Creative Ideas

We are designers at heart, which means we will always provide you with creative input for all your campaigns.

Design Input

We will take care of all designs and visuals for your campaign. We will always show how things will look before production.

On Time Delivery

We will plan your campaign to a tee. Your merchandise will always be delivered on time.

Our family values.

Extravaganza was launched in 2008 by the brother and sister duo Ash Parmar and Aarti Parmar.  Their family left Kenya in 1969 leaving behind homes, businesses and family to start a new life in the UK.  Under these circumstances their parents brought Ash and Aarti up to work diligently, fairly and sustainably to create an exciting future for themselves. In India the word “family'' is used to describe friends, staff, team, neighbours, work mates and community. The family ethos is a core value of Extravaganza as we are open, honest and very real with everyone we associate with. We see ourselves as a GLOBAL family making a big difference to people’s lives with creative branded products and gifts. To always be of service. Sustainability is an important part of our business.  Indian families who came to the UK with very little were fabulous at repurposing everything and making things last forever. From covering a remote control with cling film, or reusing an old biscuit tin for storage or wearing hand- me-down clothes, this circular economy is part of Extravaganza’s DNA.


Love for colour.

We know you love colour and so do we! Especially when it’s matched to your brand palette. There are a few subtle and key differences in moving your merchandise from ordinary to EXTRAordinary. Colour can create a physical and emotional response when used correctly for promotional merchandise campaigns. Colour has its own frequency vibration and corresponds to a particular chakra or energy centre in our body. With this knowledge, we think it’s important to select the right colours for your brand. This way we are creating an intentional reality and desired effect both physically and emotionally with your promotional products. We love colour and as a company always sourcing new products in a wide range of colours.


Creative design.

Extravaganza is a creative design-led company. Ash went to Nene College in Northampton and then went to  De Montfort University to study Graphic Design and Aarti went to Loughborough College of Art and Design, and Kingston University to study Illustration and animation. . At these traditional art colleges, they were taught fundamental design skills, old school style.


What art school in the '80s and '90s teaches you!

  • Answer the brief
  • Squint at your design from a distance
  • Examine your work with a magnifying glass
  • Keep the message simple
  • 4-second rule
  • Present with style
  • Keep the message simple
  • Don’t miss a deadline EVER
  • Drink Coffee and pull all-nighters to meet a deadline
  • Don’t overprice and add value
  • Clear communication
  • Form follows function
  • Take a sketchbook with you everywhere
  • Observe people
  • Get creative under pressure
  • It’s not about you it’s about the brand
  • Balance the elements
  • Always be innovating

Contact us.

Looking to learn more about the team or would like to get in touch with us then email us at sales@extravaganza.uk.com or you can call us on 01162852417, we are always happy to help and we are always excited to start the next chapter of our story, so join us.