Artwork guide.

See our recommendations for sending print-ready artwork.

Why are artwork guides and formats important?

The type of artwork you will need to supply will depend on the printing process used for that particular product. It's important that we receive your artwork in the right kind of file format to create the best designs for your merchandise ideas and branded promotions and that's we hope you find this artwork guide useful. If you have any queries at all regarding designs, logos or file formats and you are unsure on whether the artwork you have is suitable, please let us know and our team can check the artwork you have and advise. If necessary we can get the artwork redrawn in the correct format, although this service will carry a charge which is dependent on how complex the design is, and a quote can be supplied if you need it. If you would like a redraw of a logo you can email or call on 0116 285 2417 and she’ll be more than happy to help. Your artwork is a crucial part of ordering promotional products - after all, it's what will be branded onto your items! Our fuss-free service means that submitting your artwork couldn't be easier, and we're here to help you at every stage should you have any queries along the way.


Artwork guides for Vector EPS and raster images explained.

A raster image forms a series of bits of information that translate into pixels or dpi (dots per inch). These pixels form single or multi-colour points which create an overall image. This type of image can be difficult to edit, raster images usually look smooth when viewed as a photograph or drawing, but when enlarged in size, the pixels become apparent and the image appears jagged and of poor quality.


Artwork Guide for Vector File Format


Artwork guide for vector explained.

Vector graphics are the promotional merchandise industry standard file format for artwork guides. A vector file allows us to resize the image as much as we like without any pixelation and is normally done in Adobe. This file is the most preferred file, but if you only have a raster file we can re-draw or amend your artwork to the best format for your merchandise. Most formats for vector you may have heard of include EPS, AI, PDF and SVG.



Artwork Guide for Raster File Format


Artwork guide for raster explained.

Raster graphics include file types such as JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIF and BMP. The quality of raster images depends on the resolution of the image. The higher the resolution of the file the better it is for printing. When raster files are made bigger or smaller they can become pixelated and when printed can affect the quality. We can use raster graphics for some products such as printed banners but the file must be high-resolution (at least 300 DPI) to minimise any pixelation.



Don't forget to send us your brand guidelines!

We love Brand Guidelines so please feel free to send those to us. We will then be able to suggest merchandise that matches your brand image and colours and work alongside your brand guidelines to make sure your merchandise is 100% on brand. We can even accept doodles, scribbles, and word documents. Our design team will work with you to get your doodles print-ready. Remember we will always send you some concept visuals or PDF Proofs to check and approve before we go to print. Feel free to send us your logo in any format you wish, so we can discuss your branding and create something for your business or brand.


How many colours are in my artwork?

Many of our promotional products can be printed in anything ranging from one to four colours which is also referred to as 'spot' colours, as well as in full colour. We normally recommend if it’s over 3 or 4 colours to go for a full-colour print as it normally works better for you price wise, or there is the possibility to change your logo or design to one colour for the best price for printing.

Please note that black and white both count as colours, whilst greyscale images will be counted as full colour. You can view the different print options that are available for a specific product on its listing page.

  • One colour print: your logo/design is one block colour.
  • Two colour print: your logo/design comprises two block colours.
  • Three colour print: your logo/design comprises three block colours.
  • Four colour print: your logo/design comprises four-block colours.
  • Full-colour print: your logo/design features more than four colours or any shading or gradient.


Merchandise Colours


Can I choose whereabouts on a product my logo can be printed?

Each product has an artwork template that clearly shows the space within which your artwork can be printed. Please let us know if you have a preferred position where you would like to see your design on your products when you place your order. For many of our promotional products, you can choose where you'd like your artwork printed; other items have specific print areas available only but we are always happy to send you free visuals so you can get an idea of how your design looks within the different print areas.


Contact us.

If you have any queries regarding artwork guides or your artwork assets then please email Amie on her email at or call us on 0116 285 2417 and she’ll be happy to discuss artwork, re-draw logos if needed and discuss your visuals with you for your next creative promotional campaign.The team are always happy to help our customers and our in-house art team can redraw your submitted artwork to ensure it's in the correct format and of suitable quality for precision printing. This service is often free of charge but more complicated designs might incur a small charge, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.