Automotive merchandise.

Find merchandise ideas for the automotive industry, including car air fresheners and car accessories.

Why choose automotive merchandise?

The automotive industry covers all types of businesses involved in the design, development, manufacture, marketing, and selling of motor vehicles and motorcycles. The automotive industry is increasingly adopting marketing automation tools to automate and personalise communications with new prospects and moving from brand focussed to more life focussed. Along with adopting digital marketing automation tools, investing in more digital adverts and online video experiences the rise of useful car-related merchandise has seen a revival too. Not just standard branded car air fresheners, promotional ice scrapers, and key fobs. But lifestyle products such as the Universal Coffee Cup, Embroidered Polos, and Branded Footballs to engage the buyer and the entire work family too. Not to forget when car brands are sponsoring sports and events the branded race jackets and caps are the perfect billboard to expose and showcase the brand.


Promotional Car Mount Promotional Car Mount Promotional Car MountPromotional Car Airfreshener


Personalised car kits and gift sets.

Branded car kits make a fantastic gift for new car owners. With the right combo of branded products, a car gift set you can really add something different to the customer experience. Your kit can be made completely bespoke to suit your customers’ needs. An idea for your automotive promotional gift set could include a branded leather keyring for your car keys, a thermal insulated reusable coffee cup for the winter mornings, a custom air freshener to keep your car smelling fresh and an ice scraper for when winter hits. There is also loads of alternative automotive merchandise including a 12v Car Charger to charge your phone whilst on your travels, or the option to choose a multi-charging cable for all your devices instead. Ensure others can stay safe on the road with high-vis and tire tread depth gauses and torches.


Get techy for your car.

Branded tech makes a useful giveaway that can bring any vehicle up to date. A branded mobile phone mount is a great way to do this. Not only does it make talking on the phone while driving much safer, but it also means you can take advantage of all your smartphone’s other features like music and navigation. A 12v car charger is great for long journeys making sure your phone has plenty of juice. Just slot it into your car’s 12v port and you’re ready to go. Branded multi cables are a great addition to your giveaway car kit as they are designed to fit most smartphones and other devices.

Benefits of branding air fresheners.

There are a number of ways you can personalise your bespoke branded air fresheners. These are printed in full colour so there’s loads of flexibility to print almost any design. Air fresheners from Extravaganza are made to order so you can even have them cut to any shape you like and choose from a range of scents!


Recycled car accessories.

There’s a range of recycled merch made from recycled plastic known as RPET. This is a fantastic option if you’re looking to show off your brand’s eco-credentials. There are even RPET Products that are made from waste plastic recovered from the ocean. Automotive PRET products you might want to think about for your next campaign include Ice Scrapers, Tread-depth gauges and even recycled plastic air fresheners that slot into your car’s air vents.


Merchandise that promotes road safety.

Have you considered merchandise for your next road safety campaign? There is a range of products that are perfect for this to

  • Hi-Viz garments – These are safety essentials for your car’s boot. If ever you are stuck at the side of the road it’s important you are seen!
  • Tire tread depth gauge – These handy keyring tools are great for making sure your tyres are in good condition and safe for road use.
  • Rechargeable dynamo torch – These can be a lifesaver if you’re stuck at the side of the road with a flat battery.
  • Rain poncho or umbrellas – Another fantastic bit of kit to keep in your boot in case of a breakdown. Make sure you’re prepared for all conditions!
  • Smartphone mounts – These allow the driver to navigate and talk on the phone completely hands-free and without distraction.


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