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Are you a Coffee Marketing Gangster?

By Amie | Nov 18, 2020

Branded Coffee Cup – Gangster Marketing Tool! “Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee” says the time-poor marketing executive as she rushes into her first virtual meeting of the day, ready to bust out some moves and creative marketing strategies for her next promotional merchandise campaign! Flying out of the virtual boardroom with…

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The Best Ways To Engage Students with Student Recruitment Kits

By Ash | Jun 15, 2020

OUR EXPERIENCE WITH STUDENT MERCHANDISE. At Extravaganza we have worked with University Student Recruitment Marketing Teams for the past 11 years. Our job is to help you choose Student merchandise that is suitable for engagement and recruitment. Our aim is to provide promotional products that are unique, useful and tie in with the overall student…

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The Best way to Print Fabric Face Masks

By Ash | Jun 11, 2020

Here at Extravaganza, we have always been motivated by purpose-driven and innovative promotional merchandise that is earth-friendly and useful. We are known for being our happiest when we are feeling inspired and inspiring others. But, how do we inspire during a pandemic when all the talk is Wholesale PPE, Nitrile Gloves, Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitisers, and…

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Benefits of Bringing your Dog to Work

By James | Feb 10, 2020

GET READY FOR NATIONAL LOVE YOUR PET DAY! On the 20th of February… companies across the UK will be taking part in #NationalLoveYourPetDay, allowing employees to bring their loved animals into the office!There are so many benefits to bringing your loved pets into work and we can make sure that your loved pets also feel…

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What do GEN Z students really want from merchandise?

By James | Jan 15, 2020

WHAT DO GEN Z STUDENTS WANT?   We know that GEN Z students are even more connected, informed, and demanding about sustainable living than ever before. Especially when it comes to their University Experience and branded items that they receive. Whether they are Millennials, Baby Boomers, or the emerging Gen Z we know that University…

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Privacy in the Workplace

By James | Jan 7, 2020

Over the past year, we’ve been hearing more and more stories about how tech devices are constantly looking at our next move, patterns and our behaviour, but also how they’re listening to our private conversations and this all comes down to the big changes in the latest gadgets.   Is Alexa listening to me? In current headlines,…

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How to Brand Printed Promotional Lanyards

By James | Jan 7, 2020

WHERE DO LANYARDS COME FROM? The word lanyard comes from the French word “laniere” which means strap or thong… CRAZY RIGHT? The first-ever lanyard was made from simple straps made of rope/cord that was found aboard the ship and tied around a pistol, sword or whistle. The military was to wear lanyards on the shoulders…

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