What is Compostable Merchandise?

Businesses within the UK are always looking for new innovative ways to help the environment. Most businesses are trying to move away from single-use plastic and we've found the new way to do this! Here at Extravaganza we can offer all items compostable. This means that all these products can be thrown away with food waste the the item will naturally decompose over time. The Compostable Cups are a biodegradable version of a typical takeaway up, but made with PLANTS and not made with PLASTIC! We offer compostable cups to hold both hot drinks and cold drinks, as well as offering a variety of compostable packaging options. We will always recommended businesses to use eco items over our other items, as we want the enviroment to be as healthy and safe as possible.


What sorts of organisations use Takeaway Cups?

Takeaway Cup are typically used in high quantities in industries such as hospitality, sports grounds, universities, hospitals, commercial centres, offices, coffee shops, cafes and many other places too! Organisations see paper cups as the best way to promote their public hygiene as the cup is typically thrown away once it’s been used. But, with the amount of coffee people drink a day, they are constantly getting a new cup each time they have a drink! This means there is A LOT of wastage. England’s NHS has got through more than half a billion disposable cups over the past five years, new figures show. Figures obtained by the Press Association show that NHS trusts in England have purchased around 600 million disposable cups since 2013 – the equivalent of more than 300,000 per day. We can overcome this issue with our Compostable Customized Printed Cups where plastic isn't used in the process. The cups are compostable because of the PLA (Polylactic Acid) lining on the cup. PLA is used from renewable resources like corn starch, cassava roots, chips, starch and sugarcane.

What are the benefits of using the cup as a marketing tool for business?


Inexpensive and easy way to promote a business: These cups can be printed full colour using your own custom print- with matching compostable lids from only 1000 units. The compostable cups come at a competitive price and the more you buy the cheaper the price gets. This is an easy way to get your brand noticed to a wider audience.

Creativity: There is opportunities for businesses to design on our branded cups as a full colour print. The better the creativity and the design on the compostable cup then the more inviting it is for the customers receiving it.

Brand Awareness: Small groups would gather around the coffee machine or drinks machine and may even take a quick snapchat with their coffee of the day since everyone takes photos! Moreover printed cups provide more exposure to the brand as they are widely used by people than any other promotional product.

More Sales: People will notice that you’re an eco-friendly brand and it can potentially increase sales because more people are noticing your brand for the good things that it’s doing, such as moving away from single use plastics.

What are the benefits of the Compostable Plant-based Printed Cup?


Renewable: Why use up finite resources when you can use trees, corn and sugarcane which are from renewable natural materials?

Lower Carbon: The compostable cups are used with plant-based materials which emit less carbon than making most plastics.

Sustainably sourced: All materials are sourced from a recognised chain and are used from forestry sources such as plants.

Tried, tested & trusted: The eco-friendly compostable cup has been certified for its food migration, independent compostability certification and also the product is made in quality controlled conditions from sustainably sourced or recycled materials. Minimising waste and maximising transport efficiency giving better benefits all round.