Building & Construction Merchandise.

From printed hi-vis vests, jackets, printed hard hats and PPE we have various products we can deliver to your various sites.

We have a wide range of hi-vis vests and waistcoats in lots of colours .
These are EN ISO 20471 certified safety vests that comply with health & safety requirements for visibility around the workplace.

These can be custom printed with your logo, and job title suitable such as Site Manager, Banksman, Signaller, Bricklayer, Plasterer, Scaffolder, Joiner, Carpenter, Plant Mechanic, Plant Manager, Plant Operator, Risk Manager, BIM Manager.

Fluorescent Yellow Hi-Vis Vests are the standard for most construction sites for detection purposes as most construction sites are concrete grey, brown or beige, and the yellow stands out the most.

High-visibility garments have to be worn in any construction zones that vehicles operate in. They are also useful as an extra layer in the winter.
The Fluorescent yellow hi-vis vest doesn’t glow in the dark but looks bright as it absorbs and emits different lights. The reflective strips on a hi-vis garment bounce back the light from a source such as headlights for example.

If you would like us to design your hi-vis vests and jackets with your company logo and job title then please feel free to contact us.