Most Event, Marketing & Communications Teams have got the marketing blues (with meetings, events and expos being cancelled) but in times of trouble maybe this is the time to think a bit differently!

This is the time when marketing teams gear into action, rip open their shirts and show their teams how to look for new ways to connect with students, partners, customers and colleagues.

So how are you and the team going to unleash your marketing manage and connect with your students by not going face to face?

When most marketing teams will be contracting, cutting down, not promoting in a human person to person way – there is an old school option that is making a revival.

Direct Mail Promotional Merchandise, Door Drops might be the only way to guarantee a human person to person connection when events, trade shows and open days are temporarily suspended.

Direct Mail also guarantees getting into the correct household and creating an emotional connection.

At the moment more or less everyone is stuck at home but this is an ideal time to reach out to a captive audience.

Take the opportunity to send a great direct mail piece to engage your 'stay at home' audience and get their attention with a tangible piece of physical merchandise.

Direct Mail Promotional Merchandise Ideas