There has been a growing demand for ECO products within businesses in the UK.  Extravaganza has been able to supply organisations with a range of environmentally friendly promotional merchandise such as travel cups, sports bottles recycled trolley coins, eco- friendly keyrings, recycled pens, recycled pencils, eco paper bags, eco leather gifts and many more items that aren’t harming the planet.

Extravaganza takes its commitment to earth positive promotions seriously. The brother and sister owners – Ash and Aarti Parmar are second generation British Indians and have a deep respect for eco and sustainable products, materials and the longevity of promotional merchandise.

Aarti explains “My brother and I have been brought up to respect everything around us and that includes items in the home, work, what we own and what we give away. We were brought up to look after everything within the environment - not throw things away, wear hand me downs, re-use old chocolate tins and repurpose everything. As much as being economical it also made us look after all of our possessions and find joy in everything we owned and shared as a family.

I generally think first generation Indian Immigrants to the UK are a ‘Sustainability-orientated culture’ - they had to survive on very little stuff”. This under consumption mentality of having “less than you need” is very earth positive if not spiritual in its nature.

The United Nations World Environment Day motto “If you can’t reuse it refuse it” Definitely resonates with the Extravaganza team and the approach to helping customers choose the right promotional product is based around this. World Environment Day is on 5th June 2019 and as a supplier of promotional items we want to make sure customers are guided towards choosing the right promotional item which is earth and people positive.


As a supplier of promotional items we want to make sure customers are guided towards choosing the right promotional item which is earth and people positive. Extravaganza has seen the growing consumer interest in recycled promotional merchandise. Some of our top picks include the bamboo travel cup, the eco student kit, the compostable takeaway coffee cup and the jute bag!



Marketing teams are adopting green practices and developing sustainable marketing strategies, they want information on resources, the environmental impact of manufacturing, packaging, and the consequences of consumption.

Sustainable marketing and promotional items also seek to tap into consumer attitudes and perceptions regarding the environment in order to better position brands to appeal to environmentally aware consumers. Mindless consumption always turns into excessive consumption so quality of products, usefulness and longevity are the key factors to consider when choosing promotional products. Bio based products are also making their way to the promotional products market including plant-based items such as jute bags, compostable paper cups made from plants and bamboo travel cups.

For most brands, the focus is connecting with consumers, suppliers, and experts to continue to develop our innovative ways to incorporate sustainability and social purpose into business strategies and products. We find that if you can’t reuse a promotional item, then there is really no point in buying it. We try to promote the idea of re-using promotional items making them more sustainable to the environment.

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