eco & sustainable merchandise.

There has been a growing demand for Eco and Sustainable products within businesses in the UK.

Extravaganza has been supplying organisations with a range of clever environmentally friendly products, that not only look great but are good for our planet too.

seeded paper products are taking off.

Seeded Papers.

Promotional Seed Paper can be embedded with a wide range of seeds and is easy to plant – just pop it in the ground and wait for it to transform into plants, flowers, herbs, fruit or veggies. Made from recycled paper, these eco-friendly promotional products are 100% biodegradable and leave only plants behind. Plantable Seed Paper has a wide range of uses from innovative business cards, eco-friendly event & festival wristbands and branded corporate stationery. No matter which industry or business you operate in, there’s a Seed Paper product to suit a wide range of brand and marketing campaigns. Our bespoke service allows for full-colour printing – we even use eco-friendly ink made from soy and vegetable oil. Promotional Seed Paper can be cut in a variety of sizes and shapes were given a great range of design options. Seed Paper can be used in eco-friendly direct mail campaigns using seed paper together with a seeded envelope. Great as corporate stationery to slash corporate paper waste. These also make ideal invitations to PR events or green gifts for gardening centres and gift shops. Plantable Seed Paper is biodegradable, eco-friendly and made from post-consumer waste collected from business and schools. Ten tons of water paper is saved from local landfill each year. Our eco-friendly seed paper products are packaged in corn plastic that biodegrades when composted.

Seeded Paper Business Cards.

These eco-friendly Business Cards are made from plantable Seed Paper that’s embedded with seeds. After use, just tear the card and pop into the soil. Wait a few weeks and plants will begin to grow! Brand agency clients and distributors love these eco-friendly sustainable business cards. They make a fabulous alternative to traditional business cards and will improve brand recall of any business.

Made from recycled paper, they are 100% biodegradable and leave only plants behind. We also use eco-friendly ink made from soy and vegetable oil. Although most commonly used as business cards, these printed cards make ideal customer loyalty cards for use in coffee shops, cafes and restaurants. Once it’s filled with stamps and redeemed it can be planted anywhere – at home, in the office or any patch of land. We save ten tonnes of paper every year by collecting it from schools and local businesses, recycling and transforming it into our Seed Paper range.

seeded business cards
seeded paper bookmarks

Seeded Paper Bookmarks.

Custom-printed bookmarks made from plantable Seed Paper. Created from recycled paper, these sustainable bookmarks are 100% biodegradable, contain seeds and transform in a wildflower garden. Popular with agency clients for promotions aimed at children, universities, libraries, bookshops and reading programmes.

Bookmarks are a practical promotional product that reminds readers of the advertised brand every time they pick up their book. A seeded bookmark can be reused again and again and once finished with, can be planted to bring some colour to your home, office or school. Bookmarks are just one product in our Custom Seed Paper Range. Mix and match products from the range to create a truly eco-friendly promotion for clients and distributors. Paper waste is collected and recycled to manufacture our seed paper products and we only use eco-friendly ink made from soy and vegetable oil.

Seeded Paper Postcards.

Custom-printed biodegradable postcards made from Seed Paper which is embedded with wildflowers. These sustainable postcards are eco-friendly and made from recycled paper, leaving only plants behind after use.

Printed postcards can be used as a branded postcard or leaflet/flyer. Agency clients, distributors and retail wholesalers love this sustainable approach to marketing and promotions. Promote any brand, then plant and grow after use! Team Seed Paper Postcards with Seed Paper Envelopes for sustainable direct mail campaigns. 100% biodegradable and made from recycled wastepaper that we collect from local businesses.

Printed with eco-friendly ink made from soy and vegetable oil. Seed Paper can be ripped into strips and planted in pots or directly into the soil. Create a blooming wildflower garden that will boost brand recall for your clients and customers, whilst creating a wonderful habitat for bees and other pollinating insects.


seeded paper postcards
branded seeded paper coasters

Seeded Paper Coasters.

Printed Drinks Coasters are a popular branded item for PR events, festivals, beer tents, hotels, pop-up bars and restaurants.

Made from plantable seed paper, these eco-friendly coasters will reduce the ecological footprint of any event or promotion. Just rip up and place into the soil and soon flowers and plants will germinate and grow, leaving no waste behind! Plantable promotional Seed Paper is 100% biodegradable and made from recycled paper.

With its natural finish and seedy texture, these Seed Paper Coasters provide a sustainable way to promote any brand. Use in conjunction with eco-friendly postcards to invite guests to events and biodegradable wristbands to allow access. Each coaster is printed with your clients business logo and branding using eco-friendly ink.

Made from recycled post-consumer waste that’s collected from schools and businesses, our Seed Paper Range saves tonnes of paper reaching landfill each year. The range is a sustainable choice for brand agencies, distributors and retail wholesalers.

Seeded Paper Wristbands.

Printed Wristbands are great for events and/or raising awareness for charities and other causes, but they can leave a lot of waste behind.

Reduce your ecological footprint with our Eco-friendly wristbands made from plantable seed paper – they leave no waste behind, only flowers and plants! Plantable Promotional Seed Paper is 100% biodegradable and made from recycled paper. With its natural finish and seedy texture, these Seed Paper Wristbands can be planted and transformed into flowers, herbs or fruit & vegetables.

Eco-friendly Wristbands are perfect for events and festivals – use in conjunction with our Biodegradable Flags and Biodegradable Ponchos to complete the range of Eco-friendly promotional products for your next brand or business event. Seed Paper Wristbands are an affordable choice for budget-conscious brands and are very versatile.

As well as events, they can be used as part of direct mail campaigns, inserted into magazines or leaflets or added to goody bags.

branded seeded paper wristbands
branded seeded paper

Medium Shaped Seeded Paper.

Plantable Promotional Seed Paper is a versatile eco-friendly promotional product with many uses. With its natural finish and seedy texture, these special paper shapes can be planted in the ground or a pot and transformed into flowers, herbs or fruit & vegetables.

Each plantable shape is 100% biodegradable, leaving only flowers and plants behind. We offer distributors, brand agencies and wholesalers a wide range of seed paper shapes to suit any brand or marketing campaign. Die-cut shapes include animals, flowers, leaves, clothing, food and more!

There’s a shape to suit all ages and interests. Seed Paper Shapes are an affordable choice for budget-conscious brands. Use them as part of direct mail campaigns, insert into magazines or leaflets or add to goody bags. Print each individual paper shape with your clients and customers business logo and branding.

Made from recycled post-consumer waste that’s collected from schools and businesses, saving up to ten tonnes of paper reaching landfill each year!

Seeded Paper Notepad.

Our Seeded Paper Notepad is the ultimate in eco-friendly stationery. Each custom-printed Notepad contains 40 pages of plantable seed paper that’s embedded with wildflower seeds.

Easy to grow – just take the used pages, rip them up, pop them in soil and wait around 2 weeks for the wildflower garden to bloom. Perfect for Spring promotions as emerging bees, butterflies and other insects will love buzzing around the beautiful wildflowers. And the recipient will remember your client’s brand every time they tend to their garden. Seed Paper is 100% biodegradable and is made from recycled paper.

These eco-friendly notepads are made from waste collected from businesses and schools, saving ten tons of paper from local landfill each year! All Notepads can be custom-printed to order with CMYK print using sustainable ink made from soy and vegetable oil.

They have a wide range of uses including eco-friendly corporate stationery, a branded notebook for events & seminars, a giveaway for children or a gift to send via direct mail. For truly eco-friendly notetaking, use our Seed Paper Notepads together with a Sprout Pencil (link to SP page) – the sustainable pencil that can be planted after use!

branded seeded paper notepads
branded seeded paper envelopes

Seeded Paper Envelopes.

Our clients and customers will love these eco-friendly custom envelopes made from Seed Paper. After use they can be recycled by planting in the ground or a pot, growing into herbs, flowers, or vegetables.

Worldwide, the paper and pulp industry is the 5th largest consumer of energy. Paper Mills are polluting and there’s also the issue of huge amounts of paper being thrown away each year instead of being recycled. Be a sustainable distributor by stocking Seed Paper which is 100% biodegradable and made from recycled paper.

Each envelope is embedded with seeds which you plant in a pot or outdoors. The seed germinates, the paper composts away and plants grow! There is a wide choice of seeds to choose from to fit any marketing campaign or retail branding. Our Seed Paper Custom Envelopes are available in four standard sizes.

Printed Seeded Paper Wine Bags.

Custom-printed Seed Paper Wine Bags made from plantable paper that transforms into wildflowers! A truly eco-friendly promotional bag that agency clients, distributors & wholesale customers will love!

Just plant into a pot or the ground and the seeds will germinate, making this product 100% biodegradable and sustainable. Reusable paper bags are a great alternative to single-use plastic and are ideal for any brand looking to reduce waste. A sustainable way to promote any business, these Wine Bags act like a walking advertisement each time they’re reused.

The ideal custom-printed paper carrier bag for off-licenses and wine specialists. Also popular for PR events, the hospitality & corporate gift industries and trade events targeted at the wine & drinks industry. Seed Paper Wine Bags come with a mix of wildflowers as standard. The bags can be custom printed in one colour on one bag side. Low minimum order quantity of 100 units to suit all budgets and requirements.


seeded paper wine bags

Branded Seed Paper Carrier Bags.

We’re pleased to offer a carrier bag with a twist. Our Printed Paper Carrier Bags are made from seed paper! These eco-friendly carrier bags can be reused again and again and because they are embedded with seeds, they can be planted in the ground when finished with. The seeds germinate, plants grow and the seed paper degrades away. A truly eco-friendly promotional product that your clients & wholesale customers will love! Our Seed Paper Carrier Bags come with a mix of summer flowers as standard, but for wholesale orders of 1,000 units or more, we can offer different seed mixes. The carrier bags can be printed in up to 2 PMS colours and are available in runs of as low as 100 units. Our paper carrier bags are available in small, medium and large. The print area starts from 16cm x 16cm and provides the perfect blank canvas for your clients marketing messages.

seeded paper greetings cards

Seeded Paper Greeting Cards.

Our plantable cards are made from Seed Paper that embedded with wildflowers. Easy to plant – just rip up the card, pop it in some soil and they will transform into a beautiful wildflower garden that provides pollen for bees and butterflies. Agency clients, wholesalers and distributors will love these sustainable greeting cards.

Made from recycled paper, they are made from 100% recycled paper and are fully biodegradable leaving only flowers behind. Suitable for any occasion, plantable greeting cards have many uses. Brands and FMCGs can use them for direct mail campaigns to consumers at home.

Create a special offer for loyal customers or send them a greeting card on their birthday. Corporates love them as an eco-friendly alternative to Christmas cards.

Team Seed Paper Cards up with other products from the range like Seed Paper Envelopes, plantable bookmarks, wristbands and more. We can also assist retail wholesalers to create bespoke ranges for their clients. Ask us about our free design mock-up service to provide visuals to clients. These plantable greeting cards will appeal to a wide range of brands and audiences.

Seeded Paper Pen Holders.

This Plantable Pen Sleeve is a 100% sustainable way to package promotional pens & pencils. Can be used alongside the biodegradable Nature Pen for an eco-friendly alternative to traditional promotional pens.

The custom branded sleeve provides more space for your client’s brand message and business information. Full-colour printing is available to add a website address and other campaign information. As the pen sleeve is made from seed paper it can be planted after use.

Easy to grow, just pop in soil and in a few weeks, wildflowers will begin to grow. Seed Paper is made from 100% recycled paper and is fully biodegradable. Can be used in campaigns targeted to all age ranges and interests. Ideal to give away at trade shows, at consumer events or as an eco-friendly corporate gift. Easy to post, pens can also be used in direct mail campaigns.

branded seeded pen holders
branded seeded paper wine bottle tags

Seeded Paper Wine Bottle Tags.

Unique plantable custom bottle tags embedded with wildflower seeds. Just pop in soil and wait 1-2 weeks and flowers will start to grow! Wildflowers create new habitat for bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects so are great for any brand or business promoting the campaign to halt declining bee numbers by supporting the RHS Plants for Pollinators campaign.

Custom branded wine bottle tags are the perfect fit for wine brands, wholesalers/distributors and retailers. They can also be used as a general bottle tag for soft drink brands, supermarket promotions and food products. Ideal sustainable giveaway for PR events, trade events and the hospitality industry. Team with our Seed Paper Wine Bags for a sustainable corporate gift, trade show giveaway or tasting samples.

Custom printing available on plan¬¬table wine bottle tags on one side in full CMYK colour with 40% print coverage. Low minimum order of 100 units to suit all budgets and campaign requirements but we can also supply large orders.

Seeded Paper Button Badges.

Promotional Seed Paper can be embedded with a wide range of seeds and is easy to plant – just pop it in the ground and wait for it to transform into plants, flowers, herbs, fruit or veggies.

Made from recycled paper, our Seed Paper Button Badges are an eco-friendly promotional product that’s biodegradable and leaves only plants behind. Our promotional badges can be custom printed with your client’s logo and branding. We can also supply wholesale ranges for retail wholesalers and distributors. Use them to mark out staff at events, or for customer-facing staff to convey a brand or service message.

Popular for events and brands targeted to children and make a great giveaway or as a branded product for gift shops and eco-friendly brands. Can be used in conjunction with other Seed Paper products like Wristbands, Bookmarks and Notepads. Plantable Seed Paper is recycled paper that’s embedded with plant seeds. The paper is 100% biodegradable and the safety pin can be saved and reused for emergency repairs, sewing and crafts.

branded seeded paper button badge

eco means using quality products.

Zero Waste banner

Marketing teams are adopting green practices and developing sustainable marketing strategies, they want information on resources, the environmental impact of manufacturing, packaging, and the consequences of consumption.

Sustainable marketing and promotional items also seek to tap into consumer attitudes and perceptions regarding the environment in order to better position brands to appeal to environmentally aware consumers.

Mindless consumption always turns into excessive consumption so the quality of products, usefulness and longevity are the key factors to consider when choosing promotional products. Bio based products are also making their way to the promotional products market including plant-based items such as jute bags, compostable paper cups made from plants and bamboo travel cups.

For most brands, the focus is connecting with consumers, suppliers, and experts to continue to develop our innovative ways to incorporate sustainability and social purpose into business strategies and products. We find that if you can’t reuse a promotional item, then there is really no point in buying it. We try to promote the idea of re-using promotional items making them more sustainable to the environment.

bright eco merchandise banner

The Extravaganza Promotional Merchandise Team is prepared for Pride this year. Huge efforts have been made to promote the use of BRIGHT Earth Friendly Promotional Merchandise for this year’s events.

The team at the Leicester office is keen to promote that eco promotional products don’t have to be bland in colour but they can be bright, crazy, and suitable for any Pride party. With the 5p single-use plastic carrier bag charge and the imminent plastic straw ban for distribution and sale, Extravaganza is always finding new innovative promotional products that are colourful and eco-friendly.

Most marketing & events teams in the education sector have been adopting their green practices and developing sustainable strategies for their campaigns and events. Looking at key factors such as the environmental impact of manufacturing, packaging, and the consequences of consumption, Extravaganza take their commitment to earth positive promotions, very seriously.

eco bamboo straws
eco note jotter
eco bamboo lunch box

As a supplier of promotional items we want to make sure customers are guided towards choosing the right promotional item which is earth and people positive.

Extravaganza has seen the growing consumer interest in recycled promotional merchandise. Some of our top picks include the bamboo travel cup, the eco student kit, the compostable takeaway coffee cup, and the jute bag!

UoL Pride Event
uol pride staff