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The Extravaganza team have been working on health care service campaigns with the private and public healthcare sector for over 11 years, there are so many health care merchandise options for your next promotional campaign.

The team at Extravaganza have worked with the health care service and private and public healthcare for over 11 years. Supplying health care merchandise ideas from washable NHS lanyards with job titles, to antibacterial pens and health campaign notepads so that we can take the pressure off your busy communications team by creating all of your designs, concepts and samples in-house, free of charge (before you commit to investing into any merchandise).

We are passionate about your branding, and will always follow your style guides and brand guidelines constantly to ensure that we match products and designs exactly to how your brand represents itself. We can ensure to you, that all brand guidelines are looked at precisely so all of your health service merchandise is on brand, cost-effective and appropriate to any campaign that you have in mind. It’s our job to know your pantones, how partnership branding should be represented, visual styles, straplines, graphic devices, NHS colour palette and how to print the NHS logo.


What colours are used in NHS health care merchandise?

Whether it’s a mix and match of coloured pens, Moleskine notebooks, hygienic lanyards or health promotion magnets we have healthcare merchandise matched to all the NHS Colour palettes in the NHS pantones which are:

      • NHS Blue Pantone 300
      • NHS Light Blue Pantone 298c
      • NHS Dark Pink Pantone 683c
      • NHS Bright Blue Pantone 285
      • NHS Dark Grey Pantone 7545
      • NHS Mid Grey Pantone 7544
      • NHS Pale Grey Pantone 7541
      • NHS Pink Pantone 675
      • NHS Warm Yellow Pantone 1235



Why is the NHS logo so good?

The NHS Logo is instantly recognizable. The blue and white logo is simple, professional, and confident. The blue is a specific Pantone 300c which is calm yet clinical. Simple and trustworthy. It definitely says healthcare. The NHS logo is also called the lozenge representing the quality of healthcare and helping to build customer trust, confidence, dependability, heritage, cherished, respect, security, professionalism, and of course free healthcare.

Throughout this time we have come to understand the essence of the NHS brand and its printed applications. The NHS logo has very clear brand guidelines and the Extravaganza team has been working with the NHS for years so have been able to gather real insight into their brand and how they represent themselves. The NHS logo stands out so well that when printing promotional merchandise like pens, lanyards, and notepads. They can directly affect how patients and staff perceive the institution through their great branding, so it's vital we advise you on the correct branding methods and products as we know the NHS brand like the back of our hand.

Another thing that makes the NHS logo such a great logo is that it is protected by law. It is a UK trademark owned by the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care and is always used within the UK as a popular logo and we literally see it all the time. The logo is so well known in the healthcare industry that it now has become one of the most cherished, trusted, and powerful brands in England.


What are the values of the NHS?

  • Working together for patients
  • Respect and dignity
  • Commitment to quality of care
  • Compassion
  • Improving lives
  • Everyone counts


If you work within an NHS organisation or department and you require printed products, then our fantastic team can guide you to the suitable products and the best way to represent the brand adhering to the guidelines and the 6 core values. Our team will ensure all proofs are checked and signed off by the communications team at your organisation. The NHS logo is also protected by copyright and we only use the original artwork files when authorized to do so. We can also check with the communications team about each and every campaign and ask for official purchase orders and relevant sign-offs before we print anything. It is also possible to find information on how the NHS logo is used on their website.

Things to consider when printing

health care merchandise:

When printing the NHS logo on products, uniforms, and stationery we will follow the NHS brand identity guidelines. Here are the top considerations:


1. We always leave a clear space around the NHS logo.

When designing merchandise for the NHS we will always leave a big clear space around the logo so that it doesn’t look cluttered, or printed too close to the edge of a product. The NHS logo should always look clear and legible therefore it has minimum exclusion zones for print. For print and promotional products, the exclusion area is equivalent to the full height of the NHS logo. But the more space around the NHS logo the better but we will advise what is possible on the various print areas of your products as branding areas can always change.


2. NHS logos on backgrounds

The preferred background is always white but this sometimes is difficult to achieve on merchandise as white products do look great initially and then start to look grubby after usage. Other ‘on brand’ options for NHS merchandise are blue or pale grey and we have sourced these products to match the NHS pantones exactly or very closely.


3. Size and positioning

Consistency is important. The NHS logo has always appeared top right, and this is where patients and staff expect to see it. The logo should always appear in the top right of materials when the NHS is leading the work/communication. This is relevant when we are printing NHS notepads, T-Shirts, Banners, Sticky Notes, and merchandise with a significant print area.

Application sizes:

Here is a list of different print formats and the size of the logo and margin size we would use when printing merchandise for the NHS healthcare, this would be the same for many healthcare industries.

  • A2 (420 x 594mm) Logo and margin size = 20mm
  • A3 (297 x 420mm) Logo and margin size = 15mm
  • A4 (210 x 297mm) Logo and margin size = 10mm
  • A5 (148 x 210mm) Logo and margin size = 8mm
  • A6 (105 x 148mm) Logo and margin size = 8mm
  • DL (99 x 210mm) Logo and margin size = 8mm
  • DL Envelope (110 x 220mm) Logo and margin size = 8mm
  • Business Card (55 x 90mm) Logo and margin size = 7mm


4.  Only have one NHS logo on a product

There should only be one NHS logo on a promotional product. Any more than one looks untidy and dilutes the impact of the NHS Brand Identity, as a team we will be able to ensure your merchandise designs only have one NHS logo on the merchandise when we go through the quality check of designing your merchandise.


5. Partnership branding

When partnership branding is involved it can get tricky as each partner will have its own set of rules and guidelines. This can get confusing for patients and staff so we would seek the advice of the communications team which makes up the partnership and the right approach will depend upon the target audience for the promotional products and stationery. Partnership branding could be from stakeholders, non-NHS organizations, and vanguards.


Find your NHS pantone colours.


Level 1: NHS blues

This is the top-level palette that reinforces people’s association with blue and white. There are a number of hues to support the main NHS Blue colour to give lighter and darker alternatives to add tonal variety.

Level 2: NHS neutrals

These colours help to support the top-level blues. Black and dark grey can be used for type, depending on the background and application. The lighter greys can be used as backgrounds when they are appropriate and are useful online colours. White is, of course, the most important neutral base. These colours will support the overall blue and white look if they are used with the proper emphasis.

Level 3: NHS support greens

Green is close to blue in the colour spectrum and gives a feel of being in the same colour family. Therefore, when they are used moderately and in a secondary support role, they will not compromise the strong associations people have with blue and white. However, if it becomes too dominant it will impact people’s ability to instantly recognise the NHS as being the source of the information.

Level 4: NHS highlights

Highlights are very useful for drawing attention to details, helping to warm up the blue look and providing accent colours to enable NHS organisations, partnerships and services to differentiate themselves from each other. However, they should not be used too heavily otherwise they change the overall look dramatically and people will not associate your communication with the NHS. Therefore, use minimally and do not use large blocks of these highlight colours.

The highlight colour ‘Emergency Services Red’ is not exclusively for use in relation to emergency and urgent care services. However, because of its strong association and use in this area, you should carefully consider how you use it for other purposes. Euro Ambulance Yellow is a colour reference to be used for ambulance livery only.


These are some of the guidelines we would advise for your health care merchandise:

  • If it is an equal partnership, the partners’ logos should appear in a line across the top of the product with the NHS logo ideally placed top right. If there are a large number of partners, it may not be possible to fit all the logos on the merchandise, and – it might look better to list them depending on the product print areas.
  • If the NHS organization is the lead partner and the other organizations are supporting partners, the NHS organization’s logo should be placed top right and the supporting partners’ logos should be placed along the bottom of the products.
  • Where a non-NHS organization is a lead partner and the NHS organization is the supporting partner, the lead partner’s logo would go at the top and their brand identity would dominate. The NHS organization’s logo would go bottom right.
  • Where the NHS has commissioned a number of providers (either NHS or a mix of NHS and non-NHS) to deliver an NHS service, an NHS service logo should be used as this is simpler and clearer for patients.


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If you are interested in branding your own healthcare promotions, then get in touch with us on e-mail at or give us a call on 01162852417 and we can happily discuss some ideas to suit your branding, logos, and colours! We are experts in healthcare merchandise and we can't wait to get involved in your next marketing campaigns and promotions.


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