Promotional Backpacks for Business, Students, and Travel, custom printed with your logo.

The best promotional backpacks should be functional, comfortable to wear, and stylish. The Extravaganza team will help you to decide on branding options for your custom backpack. Custom backpacks can be printed, embroidered, engraved or have individual names printed on. The branding on promotional backpacks can be as bold or discreet as you want as long as it fits your brand identity. With a wide variety of backpack colours and fabric options, the team will be able to drill down some personalised backpack options that suit your brand identity and campaign.

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Students Love Promotional Backpacks.

Student Promotional Backpacks can accommodate books, notepads, pens, laptops and tablets. Whether the backpacks are for School, College or University the branding can be discreet. Picking the right promotional backpack is an important choice from a marketing perspective. It should be durable, stylish and last the academic year (if not longer). It should be large enough to carry a laptop and daily essentials like a water bottle safely and securely. Ask the Extravaganza team for promotional backpack samples and colour options to help you decide.

Promotional Backpacks for Business And Leisure.

If you’re not quite sure what you want then it’s definitely worth asking the Extravaganza Team for guidance to ensure you pick the right promotional backpack. We believe it’s important to strike a balance between looks and function as well as comfort and cost. If your recipient is commuting with the branded backpack from work to home, you may want to consider a more active styled, waterproof backpack. And if you’re travelling to other offices you’ll definitely need a versatile bag that comes with a water bottle and laptop compartment, as well as a charging port so you’re always connected while you’re on the go.

Anti-theft Promotional Backpacks.

The rise of pickpocketing and theft on public transport is rising according to the British Transport Police and their key message is to keep valuables out of reach of pickpockets. We could be carrying expensive laptops, phones, pricey gadgets, and wallets with us in our backpacks. This could easily amount to at least £1000 worth of valuables! Ouch!
The advice is simple – keep zips and fasteners closed, keep wallets, mobile phones and devices secure in inside pockets, mark your valuables with a permanent UV pen and keep an eye on your belongings at all times. Simply put, stay alert and make it difficult for the pickpocket to get to your belongings. This is why the Anti-theft Backpack is so useful.
So what makes these backpacks Anti-theft?
Well, firstly they offer cut-proof protection and have hidden zipper closures. This will keep your belongings safe during travel. Some of these anti-theft backpacks even have integrated USB charging port, water-repellent fabric, illuminating safety strips and a luggage strap.

Custom Backpacks Unique to your Brand.

Individual branding and colour matching accessories can add an extra personal touch to your custom backpacks. Colour zip pulls, matching accessories and backpacks made into Business Kits are popular for business travel and events.
Talk to us today about all the customisation options, samples and special prices.

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