Get business ready with promotional business bags and travel bags for mobile workers, business travel, and business schools.

Our range of Promotional Business Bags and Business Travel Bags can serve as a mobile office, allowing maximum flexibility and portability for any remote worker. These types of bags are important in creating an office or working environment anywhere in the world. For those who have no fixed office workspace, it’s an essential bit of kit to ensure you can work anywhere, with the correct tools and space needed to do so. Mobile promotional bags are super practical and offer greater protection to laptops, gadgets, and key IT equipment. This is because these types of bags are made for travelling long distances and are made to carry heavyweight of work essentials. Our range of custom bags come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colours so you have plenty of choices you find something perfect that suits your brand and your needs. There is even the choice to have a bag that includes multiple compartments, to ensure whoever received the personalised business bag can stay organised, and also accommodate all the stationery and documents they may have.

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How can bags be printed?

All of our personalised business & travel bags can be printed with your logo or company message, in a various range of printing styles. So, if your brand is planning to travel globally, branded bags to travel with will add the ultimate extra touch. As well as looking great and being practical, they’ll also have subtle but effective marketing tools for your business. These aren’t the only business and travel bags we stock, either. If you would like to see more, you can also browse our selections of laptop bags, luggage tags, and branded backpacks.


Put your office in a bag.

A mobile worker or peripatetic is someone who has no fixed office location. The remote work or working from home movement is a growing global phenomenon. Easy for some and difficult for others. However, with the right tools and accessories, the joy of remote working soon starts blooming.


Thereā€™s plenty to consider such as:

  • The office location
  • The headphones
  • Travel accessories
  • It gadgets
  • Notebooks
  • And of course the business and travel bag itself


We recommend bags with:

  • Compartments
  • Pockets
  • Zips
  • Good padding
  • Straps
  • Wheels for portability and comfort


What are the best branding options for backpacks and rucksacks?

The branding can be discreet on the zip pull or big, bold, and repeated all over like a moschino pattern. Weā€™re here to get creative and help you make the most of your branding on this essential toolkit. First impressions count so the promotional business and travel bag needs to look professional in all surroundings. The extravaganza team will be able to help you spec up the perfect promotional business and travel bag so if your recipient is cycling, rhyming, or running in between travelling and business then we have a promotional bag that caters for each facet of work, leisure, and travel. There are plenty of practical promotional travel accessories available to include with the business bag too, so if youā€™re looking for a complete promotional business bag kit speak to the team.


We can include:

  • A removable garment bag
  • Accessory pouches
  • Promotional padlocks
  • Branded luggage tags
  • Airline bottles
  • Stand out items that are thoughtful and useful for your recipient


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