Personalise your own promotional cooler bags, lunch bags, and food containers, all printed with your company logos and designs.

Branded Cooler Bags and Reusable Lunch Bags are perfect for the “dine outdoors” trend everyone is embracing. It’s a clever marketing strategy to distribute branded cooler bags and reusable lunch bags – as they can be used regularly to promote sustainability, healthy eating, and outdoor activity. They are a great gift when promoting healthy eating and are also great for schools and colleges for helping students out, they will be used for years and years either by workers or school children to pack and carry their daily lunches and can help when students and staff are travelling about. They can also be custom printed to your design with either spot colour printing or full-colour designs. Perfect for sports events, picnic parties, education events and festivals. High quality, durable lunch boxes and cooler bags can be easily reused and washed at home making them a hygienic option for promotional giveaways. Printed lunch boxes offer an incredibly high brand impression rate. As the boxes are carried around, they will be seen by co-workers, employees, friends, and family. Watch just how far your corporate logo will reach printed on promotional lunch boxes.

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Who would benefit from a promotional lunch bag?

Great for children, students, and adults who like to make their own pack up or lunch when they are out and about. When you’re a busy executive or student eating healthily throughout the day is crucial for staying on your A-game. Pre-prepared lunches in a branded cooler bag is a great way of staying on plan. A branded cooler bag and reusable lunch bag can keep your food and drink fresh, also promoting a sustainable way of living by reducing plastic waste from shop-bought sandwiches and drinks.


There are loads of options for cooler bags and lunch boxes.

Branded Cooler bags come in many shapes and sizes and price brackets too. From promotional cooler backpacks, branded lunch bags to promotional cooler hampers, and even lunchboxes. We can suggest which options will suit your brand colours, budget, and time frames. Branded cooler bags are lightweight, easy to clean, and can make for super creative promotions. Speak to the team if you are looking to convert your branded cooler bag into an “outdoor event kit” – we have lots of examples we can show you – we can include branded bottles of prosecco, vegetable crisps, engraved reusable straws, bamboo cutlery, promotional sweets, snacks and lots lots more. Your outdoor promotion will be a show-stopping hit! After all, a person’s heart is through the stomach!


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