Create your own personalised letterbox gifts, care packages, postbox gifts, and thank you gifts direct mailed.

In positive psychology research, gratitude is strongly associated with greater happiness. A thank you postal gift has the power to make your recipient feel more positive emotions about your brand and connect it to feel-good experiences. Plus it can improve their mental health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships with your brand! Conscience brands are thankful brands that thrive in challenging times. There are tremendous opportunities for your brand to grow and try out new and cool ideas with letterbox gifts. When there is a grand shake-up in the world this is the perfect time to get more creative with your branded and promotional postal packs and direct mail gifts. Having a strong and distinctive brand really helps you stand out from competitors. The best thing about direct mail promotional packs is that you don’t have to spend loads to create something which is going to have an impact on your clients or your staff. There is an opportunity to take advantage of this by giving away personalised gifts or creating something which your client will enjoy and feel special when they receive it.

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How do you stand out from the crowd?

As a creative marketing team, we know that this is the time for your brand to act and behave differently to its competitors. It’s also much easier to stand out from the crowd. You can take lots of inspired action like sending out care package gifts, self-care boxes, and letterbox gifts to manifest positive relationships with your customer. The feedback will be amazing as well as the feel-good LOVE VIBES. Your company can express gratitude in multiple ways: A thank you e-mail, A handwritten note, a shout-out on Twitter, or a promotional care package received through the post-box. The opportunities to connect in a personal way to your customers are numerous – speak to the team today for unique ideas suited to your brand. The appreciation shown in a sincere way connects you to your customer and plants the seeds for a long-term friendship.


How can you benefit from letterbox gifts?

The great thing is letterbox gifts don’t have to be expensive, sometimes a small branded thank you gift is all it takes to get your customer appreciating your brand. So whatever your marketing vision we can help create a care box with promotional merchandise, gift cards, and other useful nick-nacks; chocolate bars, tea bags, coffee sachets, or even a pair of promotional socks. Plus, we can deliver them directly to your customer addresses. Making life easy for you. In your marketing heart, you know appreciation is not a waste of time. Showing your customer Love with postal gifts is super important as it shows connectivity, and it keeps your brand visible!


7 reasons to say thank you to your customer with a letterbox gift/postal pack.

Gratitude opens the door to deeper relationships.

Getting personal with a thank you gift shows appreciation and opens the gateway to a friendship that will last a very long time. So whether you say thanks in an e-mail or send out a promotional care box, just acknowledging your customer’s contribution can lead to a beautiful friendship.

Saying thanks with a postal gift improves health.

Grateful people and companies are healthier, full of stamina and enthusiasm. So your letterbox marketing gift is actually making you and your brand strong and healthy!

Appreciation enhances the mood and reduces negative emotions.

Gifting your customer with a Self Care Box is a perfect way to say thanks and improve their emotional wellbeing. After opening the promotional care box gift your customer will feel the love from your promo gifts!

Gratitude enhances empathy with your customer.

A promotional letterbox gift with a note can show you understand your customer’s needs. It can reduce customer aggression and help build back stronger relationships (especially when things haven’t been going too well). Your brand will portray optimism and opportunity.

Gratitude builds a resilient brand.

Saying thanks with a postal gift makes your brand strong and shows resilience in times of uncertainty. Thinking carefully about the words you use and the thank you gifts you send are super important too.

Gratitude makes everyone feel great about your brand.

Saying thanks with a postal gift improves self-esteem and improves performance. A care box sent to your staff team with a personal thank you note can create genuine “feel-good vibes”. And remind everyone that there is so much to be grateful for. At the end of the day feeling loved is energizing.

Gratitude makes people like your brand even more.

When we sincerely appreciate our customers with a customer care box or a postal gift it’s as if magic dust is scattered everywhere. The customer falls in love with the brand even more.

Appreciation increases brand awareness.

Although gratitude has been used by religions to increase spiritual awareness and spiritual transcendence. A simple thank you gift helps increase the feeling of unity and compassion. Saying thanks to your customer creates a strong emotional connection and aligns your customer to your brand values on a spiritual level!

Gratitude makes your brand less self-centred and more customer-focused.

When saying thanks with a gift, your brand will show confidence to your customer. A confident brand is an attractive brand.


5 questions we ask you before designing your letterbox gift or care package idea.

  • How much do you want to spend per head?
  • What date would you like delivery?
  • What is the core message for your letterbox gift?
  • What type of products will your customer appreciate?
  • What’s the message/ logo you would like to print on your gifts?


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