Create your own printed personalised boxes, paper gift bags, hampers, gift boxes, and packaging options with your branding and logos.

Customising printed packaging and boxes aren’t really thought about. But printed boxes or gift bags for your brand has never been easier! At Extravaganza we can supply you with the best selection of products including Premium Mailing Boxes, Basic Mailing Boxes, Tuck Top Auto Bottom Box, Luxury Laminated Paper Bags, Luxury Un-Laminated Paper Bags, Printed Pillow Boxes, Lid and Base Rigid Boxes, Hinged Lid Rigid Boxes, Sliding Case Rigid Boxes and loads more. If you’re looking for solutions for your customers or staff, then using printed gift boxing ideas is the best way to do just that! The Extravaganza team will be happy to help with ideas, get creative, send over prices and discuss visual ideas and get your branded box ideas brought to life! There are so many amazing opportunities with branding well-designed custom printed boxes. They will let your recipients know you mean business, and show your staff and clients that you really care about them.

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Get printed boxes for your brand!

In a world full of your competitors, it’s a priority to ensure that you stand out from the rest. Our customisable printed boxes and bags are a great way to stay in the minds of your customers with your brand and it can really benefit how far and wide your brand spreads. Branded boxes are here to improve your branding and become a daily part of your company’s identity. Printable boxes are an often overlooked detail but can really make a huge difference to the reactions you receive from your clients or staff.


Gift boxes and gift bags we can brand.

  • Premium mailing boxes
  • Basic mailing boxes
  • Tuck top auto bottom box
  • Luxury laminated paper bags
  • Luxury un-laminated paper bags
  • Printed pillow boxes
  • Lid and base rigid boxes
  • Hinged lid rigid boxes
  • Sliding case rigid boxes


Printing processes for customising boxes.

There is a range of different branding options for printing your custom boxes, we have the option to print 1 and 2 spot colours onto our plain white boxes, and we also have the option to brand full colour with a digital print or screen print process. Both printing options create amazing branding that stands out! There is also the option to have your boxes in a gloss or matt finish, but we can discuss these options when branding your box ideas.


Why choose branded boxes?

Branded packaging adds quality to orders that customers appreciate. It shows thoughtfulness, and improves the customer journey as the quality of the packaging reflects the quality of the product that’s inside. Branded packaging isn’t just about putting your logo onto a cardboard box. Branded packaging can also include slogans on different faces of the box and the colour scheme that you’ve chosen. As a brand, you can be as loud or as subtle as you like; branded packaging is all about customisation and getting super creative!


Extra creative add-ons to stand out from the crowd.

Shredded paper.

Create premium looking boxes and gifts with our shredded paper. It’s used as a decorative tool, whilst also helping to protect the items in the box. It can also be used to add volume to gift hampers and to package lightweight contents, to make it slightly heavier for posting. It’s made so it’s 2-3mm cut and has a straight configuration, the shredded paper is virtually dust-free making it a good alternative. It also comes in a variety of colours to suit any brand.

Sizzkle pak shredded paper.

Amp up your gifting with shredded sizzle pak paper. It’s the perfect protective packaging for your promotions, it can make your gift look well presented, and there is the option to choose your own colour of shredded paper meaning it can be matched to your brand colours, this can be more effective and can let your recipients feel closer to your brand. This stylish, high quality shredded paper not only looks impressive but adds versatile padding that will protect delicate gifts.

Kraft paper.

If you are looking for something more eco-friendly, then kraft paper is the perfect option. It has superior strength, and it also benefits from degrading naturally within a few weeks, leaving no impact on the environment. It also has a nice neutral brown colour which also can show that it’s more eco-friendly than the other packaging. It can be used to wrap items or can be scrunched up and used to protect the promotions that you’re sending out.

Foam peanuts.

Foam peanuts, also known as foam popcorn or packing peanuts are one the most popular loose-fill packaging and cushioning material used to prevent damage to promotional products. They aren’t as pretty to look at as our shredded paper and branded tissue options but it’s a good option if you want to ensure there is no damage to your printed products. It is also one of our most popular protective packaging options for delivering products.


There are many benefits to packing your promotions with polystyrene, it’s great for keeping products insulated and also great for keeping your boxes lightweight making it easier to deliver at cheaper prices and also is appealing to customers as the white can make the product stand out more.

Bubble wrap.

Bubble wrap is one of our most popular packaging options. It provides great cushioning for all of our promotional items and it has been used since the late 1950’s so we know it’s been widely used for protecting products. Even better, our bubble wrap is lightweight and does not increase the overall weight of your shipment so there are no extra costs for adding this to your personalised printed boxes.

Kiln dried wood wool.

Give your hampers or personalised printed boxes a natural authentic look with this eco-friendly hamper filler; not only will it make your gift hamper look stunning but it will also help to protect them in transit. Kiln-dried wood wool is environmentally friendly as it’s 100% sustainable, biodegradable, and lightweight with very low resin and extractive levels.

Coloured & branded tissue paper.

Custom-printed tissue paper is a great way to add extra branding to your custom box for extra personalisation. Our tissue paper is also available in a variety of colours to suit any brand identity and there is also the option to leave it plain coloured, or printed full colour digitally or there is an option to have white tissue paper with a 1 or 2 spot colour logo.

Printed satin ribbon.

Make your boxes look high quality and luxurious with satin ribbon that can be printed with your logo and branding. This makes custom boxes look more corporate, and it’s an additional feature that can be added to your box for extra branding. It’s a good idea to jazz up your packaging, for any corporate gifting or for using promotional materials such as gift boxes, gift bags and hampers.

Printed sticky labels.

There is also the option to get super funky and creative with branded sticker labels. By adding to your custom boxes for extra branding. They are cost-effective to buy in big quantities and they have long term value because you can add them to alternative things such as brochures, leaflets and letters and other merchandise meaning they have great multiple uses.


Benefits of branding boxes and packaging:

Recognisable in transit.

If your business sends out lots of parcels daily, it would be a great opportunity to brand your own boxes so that your brand becomes more noticeable when being delivered around in transit. Some good examples of brands who do this well are Pretty Little Thing and also Amazon. They have very consistent branding and are followed through to the delivery stage of you receiving the parcel too.

Loads of Ideas.

There are so many options to go wild with your branded boxes, including ideas like subscription boxes, gift boxes for staff and clients, giveaway boxes, packaging ideas for your products and monthly or weekly premium gifts for any of your VIP clients!

Better experience.

Branded boxes that are given to your recipients will always have a better experience, as it’s always nice to receive something in a box that’s gifted, it’s usually a nice surprise for them to receive.

Improve customer retention.

Making a small investment in high quality, branded packaging is a great way to improve your customer retention; smart packaging is the first thing your customer will experience when their order arrives. It also makes it more photographic so clients are more likely to share their order via social media and discuss it with other people.


Go eco-friendly.

We also have eco-friendly alternatives. Our sustainable eco-packaging boxes are perfect for eco-friendly and all-natural products because they actually give back to the environment. They are made from post-consumer materials embedded with seeds so instead of tossing the packaging, recipients get to plant the paper to grow plants that are beneficial to the important pollinators! You can also fill the boxes with eco-friendly fillers such as our shred seed confetti which comes in white, mint green and mixed colours.


Contact us.

With so many options there’s going to be a branded box which is just perfect for you! The Extravaganza team wants to help you every step of the way, so you can email us at or call us on 0116 285 2417 and we’ll assist you with making your perfect branded box a reality from visuals to print!