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What are the benefits of branding kits?

The great benefit of promotional kits is that they require user participation. When people interact with the promotional kit, they are more likely to remember the brand message. The kits are more likely to be shared within the household or on social media – perfect for a multichannel marketing campaign. Promotional Essential Kits don’t have to cost the earth either as you can mix and match products to suit your budget. Plus we have plenty of eco-friendly options so your recipient can live their ‘Best Zero Waste Life’.


Branding & product ideas for personalised goodie bags and kits.

Customised tote bags are practical and can be printed with your branding. They are a great way to showcase your brand and provide recipients with a useful item that they can use time and time again. Branded pens are a classic promotional item that can be personalised with your company logo and message. They are a useful and practical item that can be used daily. Printed notepads are useful for taking notes, making lists, and jotting down ideas. Branded notepads featuring your company logo and branding elements can be a great addition to your goodie bag. Customised water bottles are practical items that can be used daily. They can be branded with your company logo and message and are a great way to showcase your brand while promoting healthy hydration.

Branded USB drives are useful items that can be used for storing and transferring files. They can be personalised with your company logo and message and are a great way to promote your brand in a practical way. Printed snacks can be a fun addition to your goodie bag. You can create custom packaging featuring your branding and include snacks that are popular and tasty. Personalised phone accessories, such as phone cases, popsockets, or chargers, are practical items that can be customised with your branding. They are a great way to market your brand and provide recipients with a useful item they will use daily.

Overall, there are many branding and product ideas for personalised goodie bags and kits. By selecting high-quality and useful items that feature your branding elements, you can create a memorable and effective marketing tool for your brand.


4 steps to follow to get your promo kits popping using a multi-channel marketing approach.

Know your audience and locations.

The most important part of running a successful direct mail and promo kit campaign is knowing where your audience is located. Will they be receiving the pack at home, at the office, at an event or on campus? Are you using branding and messaging they can relate to? Supplying Extravaganza with good data will enable us to deliver the packs with ease either direct to your customer or to your venue.

Keep it simple.

To create an experience with your promotional essential kit try to make the messaging strong and consistent on your products. Using branding and colours in a simple bold way along with consistent brand messaging is important for a multichannel marketing approach. Plus it makes it easier for your branded kit to be shared on Instagram.

Timing & technology.

When creating a marketing campaign, timing can play an important part. You want to make sure individuals are receiving their packs in a time frame consistent with start dates, online campaigns, and social media posts. Automation and using the right tools can make follow-ups easy.

Track your results.

Analytics should be a major component in a multichannel marketing strategy. It’s a good idea to track responses to the branded essential packs and the next steps. This is the perfect time to find out which products received the best results.

Use multiple touchpoints.

Utilising multiple touchpoints throughout a promotional campaign can help improve connections, leads, and conversions. Connecting with your audience in ways that respect and acknowledge their unique needs and preferences, is a powerful way to build trust with them and long-term loyalty. Creating a branded essential kit as part of a multichannel marketing strategy may sound complex, however, the team at Extravaganza are here to help and keep it simple and stress-free.


Contact us.

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