Style your clothes with essential fashion accessories such as hats and other branded clothing accessories.

Custom Printed Fashion Accessories and Promotional Uniforms are great for team building and developing staff morale. They can also improve customer service and build brand awareness. Team members who wear uniforms with a company’s logo and brand colours allow the organisation to become instantly recognisable and avoid distraction. Custom printed fashion accessories are a cost-effective solution to a full-blown company uniform. Printed accessories such as large, printed button badges, printed sashes and bandanas can be personalised easily and on a shoestring marketing budget. Plus, they offer similar benefits to branded workwear and uniform. A custom printed fashion accessory could be secondary or supplementary to branded t-shirts, uniforms, and printed garments. This is great for short-term promos, volunteer projects, or in-store campaigns. Items such as printed badges are a cheaper purchase than a printed t-shirt. Custom printed fashion accessories are important especially if the marketing budget doesn’t stretch to branded garments. The popular trend of embellishing bags and lanyards with printed pin badges has returned. It is a fun way for the recipient to display your campaign message.

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What are the benefits of promotional fashion accessories?


Promotional fashion accessories are low-cost but can be transformed into a collection of exclusive merchandise. We have noticed entertainment marketers are investing extra time and budget for promotional collectable items that can appeal to their super-fan and engage new users.

Unique personalisation.

Fashion accessories can be paired with any outfit but also printed with the person’s name or job role. This allows the user to have some fun too.


Fashion accessories allow the customer to add their own personal style to stand out. So badges pinned onto jackets or phone stickers applied to cases. This allows the customer to get funky and creative

Value for money.

Promotional fashion accessories can boost a brand’s physical presence for a small budget. It can also create a long-term promotion because as long as customers wear or use them, they become aware of your brand, leaving a significant impact on their minds.


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