Create your own promotional printed stylish socks, with your company logo or designs.

Here at Extravaganza, we can help you print your own promotional socks. Whether you’re looking for a treat for your feet or a novelty sock idea. We find that printed socks are always fun to create, especially socks with unique, and fun designs. We can also offer promotional branded socks that are sustainable and eco-friendly. When the personalised socks are made, no water waste, no dyes, no toxins, or contamination is used which makes them look and feel gorgeous! We’ve created branded promotional socks for all sorts of organisations from universities to coffee manufacturers, sports teams, healthcare companies, the gaming industry, and virtual events and parties.

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What are the benefits of printed socks?

Make an impression.

Build a lasting impression on your clients by gifting them promotional socks with your company logo and brand colours on them. Socks are always worn in one way or another, so offering your clients printed socks with your brand on, can make them remember you every time they put the socks on but in a unique and fun way.


The more you buy the cheaper they are. Buying promotional socks doesn’t come at a high price when bought in bulk. Plus, your money is used well because socks are loved and needed by near enough everyone.

Different styles.

 A great thing about our printed socks is we have a huge range of different types of socks, such as quarter-length socks, crew socks, mid-calf socks and knee-length socks. We have options to suit everyone’s taste.


Our promotional socks come in one standard size which will stretch to fit most shoe sizes. Although, we do offer optional sizes if you need them.


What are promotional socks used for?

Promotional socks are a great promotional item to add to the mix. They can be used for all sorts of different types of marketing campaigns and can be used for many different types of business.


Fundraisers can be a great way to promote your brand, especially with branded logo socks. There is potential to create a sock fundraiser to help raise money for a charity or non-profit organisation. You could give away the socks and accept donations, or even set up a table at lunch to advertise or attend school events like a football game.

Tradeshow & conference giveaways.

Trade Shows are the perfect place to give out branded socks. When you have a booth or stand at one of the trade show events, people will always be reminded of your brand through receiving a unique item such as printed socks. It’s always important to think about how your brand will stand out from the crowd and we believe that branding socks is one of the best ways to do this. Everyone needs a pair of socks in their lives, and they will always come in handy at some point.


The best way to build a customer relationship is to give a gift basket filled with promotional items. Include items you know your prospect will use but that will also leave a lasting impression. Giving custom socks are a great way to remind the client about your company but also give them a gift that they will actually use. Hopefully, the kind gesture will prompt them to give you a phone call and will give you the opportunity to turn them into a client.

Employee appreciation.

Your company’s best advocates are your own employees. They know your company best and deal with it on the most personal level. It’s important that your employees feel appreciated so that they feel comfortable representing your company in the best light. When your employees wear your company merch, they are supporting your brand and promoting your name to the public. Socks are clothing items that everyone wears in any situation. It doesn’t matter if they are dressed up or dressed down, everyone wears socks. So why not take the opportunity to make sure their socks are branded with your company’s name and logo?


Fun facts about printed socks.

Sleeping in socks.

Socks are a perfect way to help you get a better night’s sleep. Experts believe that wearing a pair of warm socks when you turn in for the night will help you improve the quality of your sleep as they encourage healthy blood flow to your feet and stop you from getting cold feet in the mornings. By offering socks to your clients, you could be helping them get a better night’s sleep, and more sleep means happy customers!

Material for socks.

Socks can be made from a wide range of materials such as bamboo, wool, cotton, acrylic, olefins, nylon, polyester, spandex, silk, and cashmere. Our most popular promotional sock material is cotton, but there are options to go extra wild with your printed socks.

Keeping the sweat away.

Apparently, our feet are one of the sweatiest parts of the body. Socks are made to absorb the sweat and move the moisture from the sweatier parts of the foot to where the moisture can evaporate.



Go eco-friendly with your promotional socks.

RPET ocean socks.

These ocean socks are made from 94% Recycled PET and 6% recycled Spandex. By wearing these socks you are saying YES to a waste-free world. These socks make you part of the social plastic revolution!

Ocean socks recycled cotton.

These ocean socks are made from 72% Recycled Cotton, 22% recycled Nylon and 6% recycled Spandex. A pair of these ocean socks have been made to prevent 30 plastic bottles from entering the ocean, help save the environment with your eco-friendly sock ideas.

Sea socks made from abandoned fishing nets.

By wearing these eco-friendly sea socks, you’re helping to recover abandoned fishing nets that pollute our seas and coasts each year. The healthy seas collect 375 tons, that’s 826,000 pounds, of nets and lost fishing gear. The cotton in this product is also 100% certified organic, meaning it’s grown without any chemicals. Better for nature, better for the farmer, and softer for our feet! Feels good, looks great.

Bamboo socks.

These bamboo socks are made from bamboo fibres, meaning they are naturally environmentally friendly material in every sense. Bamboo gives you a softer and more luxurious experience. Moreover, bacteria don’t like to live and grow in bamboo fibre which makes our bamboo socks naturally antibacterial. It also absorbs moisture from the skin, keeping your feet drier and eliminating foot odour.


Contact us.

If you would like to know more about how our socks work, and how we can print them then we suggest you contact the team at, we’re happy to discuss ideas and get creative with your brand, you can check out some samples and prices based on what you want to design on your socks.