Make your mark with printed fun novelty merchandise, printed with your brand and logo.

Stand out from the crowd with printed novelty merchandise that will make your brand irresistible to your customers! Having unique and fun promotional merchandise will ensure you are always on people’s minds! Having a brand that people remember is so important because they will want to recommend your brand to other people and talk about it in conversations. Depending on the industry of your brand, there are so many options to create an amazing marketing or promotional campaign with the use of fun novelty merchandise. From wigs and fancy dresses to inflatables and accessories, there is every opportunity to ensure you choose the proper merchandise for your brand. A great novelty merchandise idea is if you are having a summer campaign for a new product release at a country house and there is a pool. You could add branded inflatables in the pool for that extra special touch to make the event really polished and professional. Another great novelty merchandise idea is if you are holding a fundraising event for breast cancer, you could have a selection of wigs for people to try on in different styles as a fun feature to add to the event. Fun personalised merchandise is essential for a successful, memorable, and empowering event, this is why you need branded novelty merchandise for your next marketing campaign!

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What can fun novelty merchandise do for your brand?

Build positivity.

Having printed fun novelty merchandise for an event can promote positivity and happiness amongst attendees and make the want to let loose and enjoy the moment. Boring merchandise will most certainly be the downfall of your event so ensuring that your promotional merchandise is fun, upbeat, and colourful will make it stand out and start conversations about your brand.

Team building.

Using fun novelty merchandise on a fun team-building day can really heighten the positivity in the office and make people feel less stressed. It’s a great way to build colleague relationships and make sure your team is stronger than ever. You could even gift these branded novelty merchandise products to an employee of the month to boost morale in the office.

Stand out.

Fun novelty merchandise can make your brand stand out from the crowd and make you that tiny bit better than your competitors. Having fun complementary merchandise for all your customers when they book or make an order can create long-lasting customer relationships that can guarantee loyal and returning clients.


Product ideas for promotional fun novelty merchandise.

When deciding on your perfect novelty merchandise, thinking about how you want to brand the products is really important to ensure that your merchandise is effective. Here are some effective branding ideas that can really switch up your next campaign:

  • Branding inside/on the rim of mugs
  • Large print area on inflatables
  • Giant-branded clown sunglasses
  • Printed giant pencils
  • Branded inflatable cheering sticks


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