Keep warm this winter with branded headwear, caps, beanies and bucket hats, all printed with your logo and designs.

Branded headware has always been a staple promotional product. From branded baseball caps, embroidered beanie hats, and promotional straw hats. However, the rising trend of the branded bucket has taken the Extravaganza Team by surprise …. so we delved a bit deeper to find out why. The branded bucket hat first appeared in the early twentieth century of Ireland as a functional piece of headwear for outdoorsmen. It was made from wool or tweed fabric. Funnily enough, the high content of lanolin wool made it water-resistant, perfect for farmers and fishermen. The branded bucket hat was soon known as the fisherman’s hat or Irish Country Hat. Countrymen and ramblers soon embraced the bucket as it was easy to wash and store in a jacket pocket. But branded bucket hats soon became hip and trendy in the 1990s, inspired by Oasis, L.L Cool J and Britney Spears. The branded bucket hat was quickly adopted by Fashion brands like Lacoste, Stussy and Kangol to then be loved by OG hip-hop stars, to Northern Lads and OAPS out shopping on a sunny afternoon. That’s a pretty diverse range of wearers we would say. The promotional merchandise industry soon caught a whiff and introduced a core range of bucket hats. Most branded and promotional bucket hats have a flat top, short brim and can be printed or embroidered anywhere you want. They have a large branding area so we noticed we could get creative. Geek Chic never looked better. Like everything, once you start looking for branded hats and bucket hats, they are everywhere. They are perfect for a Summer Promo or Festivals.

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History of printed hats.

This brings us to another branded hat phenomenon – The personalised trilby hat which is also called a branded Panama, straw sun hat or even a branded fedora hat. So many names but slightly different styles. Whatever you call it, there is definitely a demand and wow factor with a promotional straw sun hat being given away as a promotion. The branded fedora hat is sophisticated, stylish and features a wide brim, a hat-band or ribbon which can be branded. The branded trilby is a similar shape to the fedora hat, but typically has a shorter brim and a tighter upturning at the back. The trilby was once viewed as the rich man’s favoured hat but is now a unisex product. These natural straw sun hats have a stitched band and wide brim to keep your customer cool. The hat bands are available in a wide range of colours such as black, white, blue, red, orange or green.The branded fedora hat has a gentlemanly quality but it first appeared in 1882 as a female hat. In 1924 Prince Edward started wearing them and it soon became part of mainstream men’s fashion replacing bowler hats, flat caps and top hats. Branded Fedora hats then became synonymous with Classic 1940’s Gangster Mafia Al Capone. The New York Felt Fedora Style Hat is the ultimate cool hat. Branded Fedoras are popular because they are versatile and make the wearer look funky, edgy and gangster cool. Another promotional winter favourite is the beanie hat, bobble hat or snood. These are traditionally embroidered and a popular winter giveaway.


Why are branded beanies so popular?

They are simple, casual, warm, practical, and easy to manufacture. Not only are they functional but one size fits all. They are portable and easy to post out with a direct mail campaign. We have noticed the demand for beanie hats has grown in the last 18 months especially for student marketing campaigns and open days. A great winter promotion because the branded beanie is low-cost and pairs well with a Student Hoodie and branded backpack.


Different ways to brand your caps.

  • Laser Engraving
  • Screen Print
  • Transfer Print
  • Embroidery
  • Foil Block
  • 3D Embroidery
  • Full-Colour Dye Sublimation
  • Rubber Print
  • Woven Label
  • Printed Taping or applique


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Printed caps and hats are cool, functional and can set the tone of any marketing campaign. The branding options are endless so speak to the Extravaganza Team today who will be able to guide you with colour swatches, samples and concept visuals.