Get organised with full-colour customisable lanyards, express lanyards and identification badges for the workplace.

Here at Extravaganza, we can help you create custom printed lanyards with a wide range of attachments and security breaks. You can even add job titles to the design to help identify departments that can be very essential for healthcare staff, volunteers and students, it can help understand and identify different people within a workplace. We have a range of lanyard options from Express Custom Printed Lanyards, Machine Washable Lanyards, Safety Lanyards with two or three safety clips, ID badge holders and much more. We have all your lanyard needs covered for any scenario. Talk to our team at or give us a call on 0116 285 2417 to talk about everything to do with lanyards and identification for the workplace, we can offer free visuals and design ideas for any healthcare, volunteer, staff or student lanyards that you’re planning to get hold of.

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What’s the importance of a lanyard?

A lanyard is a cord or strap worn around the neck, shoulder, or wrist to carry such items as keys or identification cards. Staff name badges and lanyards are an important part of the medical uniform for healthcare because they are a cost-effective way to identify staff members. Plus our heat transfer lanyards are machine washable, making them perfect for environments where infection control is a priority, as they can be washed and re-used knowing they are clean to wear.


Lanyard design ideas.

Colour coded lanyards.

These can help your team easily recognise different departments within the workplace.

Personalised name lanyards.

Adding names to lanyards can help others identify who you are.

Event lanyards.

If you have an event coming up, a great way to make others feel part of the event is to brand up your own lanyards for your recipients to wear whilst they’re at the event.


5 reasons to choose printed lanyards.


Lanyards can be a very cost-effective way to identify staff, volunteers, contractors, visitor students, NHS staff – they are also really handy for attaching keys and badges to. Our heat transfer lanyards are machine washable which is important from an infection control point of view.

Attractive designs.

Lanyards can be printed with attractive designs, colours and safety tips. We love getting creative with your branding. We even offer full colour printed Rainbow Lanyards which are perfect for Pride events and events to stand out from the crowd.

Getting personal.

Lanyards can be designed exactly to your requirements in express lead times. So if you need 3 safety breaks, detachable buckles, ID badges or hygienic lanyards we can design them exactly to your requirements.

Eco-friendly Lanyards.

Lanyards come in all sorts of materials from Eco-Friendly Bamboo Fibre, Cork, Organic Cotton, Recycled PET, Woven, Silicone 3D, Flat Polyester, Tubular and Round Lanyards, Even reflective material. There are a lot of creative opportunities with lanyards. The Silicone lanyards can be disinfected too so perfect for healthcare environments,

Staying on Brand.

Lanyards can be Pantone matched exactly to your colour palette and it’s never been easier to be on-brand in such a cost-effective and useful way! Where everyone is wearing the same colour uniform, the lanyard is a cost-effective way to bring the staff team and partners feeling part of the brand.


5 tips for printing your lanyards.


Whether you’re trying to attract visitors to the event, or it’s the day of the event and they’ve arrived, your branding needs to be big and creative. You will most likely be competing with a lot of other companies and distractions for the attention of your visitors, so you need to go above and beyond to catch their eye. Doing things a little differently will give your event the best chance of being successful. We prefer to go for a bold full-colour lanyard when trying to stand out from the crowd as you have the capacity to get as creative as you like.

Design and Logos.

When branding your lanyards, you want to ensure your brand is seen from far away and can catch the eyes of others. We have noticed over time that by ensuring your lanyard is 2cm width, it will be a good enough size to accommodate any brand logo that needs to be printed onto the lanyard. We normally would recommend going for a 1 colour printed logo if it was to go on a full colour printed background.

Social media.

Every event organiser should know the basics of social media. Social media gives you the tools to brand your event in a creative and engaging way and share what your brand is getting up to. By having a consistent, unique hashtag is a good way of creating a conversation online and getting your event to trend online. A social media prop is a great way to populate your hashtag. At the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic, visitors were encouraged to use these social media props to take memorable pictures.

Staff clothing.

Provide branded or personalised clothing for your staff and volunteers to wear and they become walking adverts. This gives your event a strong identity and helps it to stand out from the competition. If staff are wearing a uniform, they’ll be instantly recognisable for visitors, ensuring any issues or queries are dealt with quickly. A uniform is practical and creates a sense of staff unity as they’re all on the same team. Many events and festivals opt for wristbands in the place of tickets. Wristbands are a great choice because people like to collect and wear them for months afterwards. Using them for staff and visitors allows you to promote your event well into the future. Be bold and creative when it comes to branding your event, but don’t forget the basics like staff clothing and banners. Whatever size or scale the event is, branding is a vital step if it’s going to be a huge success.


Contact us.

Branded lanyards are the perfect way to identify departments and people within the workplace. If you want to discuss branding ideas and prices for our lanyards or ID cards, then you can get in contact at or call us on 0116 285 2417 and the team would be more than happy to discuss options with you so that you can create the perfect printed lanyard that is just for you! We can send free samples, printed samples of lanyards if you are unsure.