Create Hygienic Custom printed lanyards with a wide range of attachments and security breaks. Add job titles to the design, essential for healthcare staff, volunteers and students.

From Express Custom Printed Lanyards, Machine Washable Lanyards, Safety Lanyards with two or three safety clips, ID badge holders or badge pull reels we have got your lanyard needs covered. Let us take the hassle out of it and design your healthcare, volunteer, staff and student lanyards.

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A lanyard is a cord or strap worn around the neck, shoulder, or wrist to carry such items as keys or identification cards. Staff Name Badges and lanyards are an important part of Healthcare & Medical Uniform as they are a cost – effective way to identify staff members. Plus our heat transfer lanyards are machine washable – perfect for environments where infection control is a priority.

A Colour coded lanyard with job title will make your team easily recognisable to patients, colleagues and visitors. Plus ask us about hygiene and machine washable lanyards.

With various attachments available from card holders, badge reels and phone attachments we have seen the humble custom printed lanyard playing an important role in healthcare sector and forming a key part to work uniform and ID.

Top 5 Reasons to choose custom printed lanyards:

  1. Cost effective way to identify staff, volunteers, contractors, visitor students, NHS staff – they are also really handy for attaching keys and badges to. Our heat transfer lanyards are machine washable which is important from an infection control point of view.
  2. Lanyards can be printed with attractive designs, colours and safety tips. Ask us about Rainbow Lanyards perfect for Pride events.
  3. Lanyards can be designed exactly to your requirements in express lead times. So if you need 3 safety breaks, detachable buckles, ID badges or hygienic lanyards we can design it exact to your requirements.
  4. Lanyards come in all sorts of materials from Eco Friendly Bamboo Fibre, Cork, Organic Cotton, Recycled PET, Woven, Silicone 3D, Flat Polyester, Tubular and Round Lanyards, Even reflective material. There are a lot of creative opportunities with lanyards. The Silicone lanyards can be disinfected too so perfect for healthcare environments,
  5. Lanyards are easy to pantone match exactly to your colour palette and it’s never been easier to be on brand in such a cost -effective useful way! Where everyone is wearing the same colour uniform, the lanyard is a cost-effective way to bring staff team and partners feeling part of the brand.