Personalise your own branded jackets, embroidered coats, and promotional garment options with your logos and designs

From sportswear jackets, activewear jackets, smart jackets, branded jackets, fleece jackets, workwear jackets, safety jackets, outdoor jackets, softshell jackets, padded jackets, windproof and waterproof jackets! There are lots of different types of jackets to print, embroider and distribute to your team, whatever your budget or colour palette there should be something to suit your brand. Owing to the fact we live in the UK and its changeable weather, printed and personalised jackets form an integral part of the workwear wardrobe. The branding can be subtle, bold, big, or small. Just send us your company logo so we can digitise it for embroidery or suggest a print method. Whether you decide to go for 5 jackets or 5000 you can mix and match, colours, sizes and styles. The Extravaganza team will be able to help you with choosing the correct sizes, packaging, and distribution if you need them to be delivered directly to your recipient. The Extravaganza team is here to help you with print and distribution to ensure your printed and embroidered jackets land in the right place at the right time. Without your marketing team having to deal with holding stock, packaging and redistributing. We want to free up some time for you so you can concentrate on your value-driven, creative campaigns and not print off address labels and cross-referencing boring old spreadsheets.

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Top tips for printing promotional jackets.

Know your audience.

The golden rule in marketing – Whether you’re buying printed or embroidered garments for your own team or as a promotion for clients, start by thinking about who you’re targeting. If you’re looking to reach decision-makers and influencers with your promotional products and printed jackets then speak their language.

Sporty style printed jackets.

Blending sporty with comfort on-trend. These type of jackets gives people the best of both worlds: casual, stylish jackets like Stormtech, Regatta, Result can be worn outside the office with pride too. We suggest you opt for both style and performance such as moisture-wicking fabric, UV protection and antimicrobial properties that keep fabrics fresh and germ-free. Consider subtle branding such as the same colour tone on tone print for a subtle look.

Colour popping jackets.

We love bold, bright colours and have a very healthy obsession with Pantone’s and brand palettes. Your printed jacket doesn’t have to be minion yellow but we’re seeing innovative ways of incorporating your brand colours in zip pulls, cords, branding and logo treatments.


Form or functionality?

Well, we believe you can have both style and function with your printed jackets but quality comes first. Printed and embroidered jackets should offer comfort, fitting, lightweight or heavyweight, windproof, waterproof, sweatproof whatever the requirements are of your target audience. If the jacket feels good and looks good then you will have a winning combo for a personalised printed jacket that will be worn again and again with pride.


Eco-friendly jackets.

The printed and promotional jacket you invest in will speak volumes about your brand and its values. We suggest choosing eco-responsibly sourced materials and socially-conscious garment brands. This has the same subtle power as the marketing campaign itself. We can send you full product and supply chain information so you can be sure the printed jackets are produced in a happy factory by happy people.


Contact us.

The Extravaganza Team is here to help you decide on a smart, creative and cost-effective jacket for your next campaign, just contact the team at or call them on 0116 285 2417.