Create your own promotional printed polo shirts in various styles, all printed with your company logo.

Looking for your perfect polo? Then look no further, we can offer the complete polo shirt solution. We can print a number of polo shirt brands, including the likes of Gildan and fruit of the loom. We also have a range of colours and styles to choose from along with our embroidery and printing options we can help design and create a polo that looks the part with your brand. When you brand your polo shirts the results are amazing! There are a number of ways you can brand your polo shirts. 1 and 2 colour screen-prints are a cost-effective way to print clean and simple logos. Screen printing gives a fantastic finish and is a great way to get your logo popping on a contrasting polo shirt. For full flexibility with your branding, you may want to opt for a full-colour transfer for your polo. No matter how many colours are in your design, full-colour transfers mean you can print your brand without compromising your colourful design. Embroidery is a great option for brands looking for a quality and durable branding option that looks right at home on a smart polo shirt.

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 Why polo shirts?

Polo shirts are incredibly versatile with uses from workwear to sportswear. This means that so many brands may want to include a polo shirt in their campaign.

  • If you’re attending a trade show, as well as getting your stand branded up and popping with your brand colours, why not get some polo shirts branded to match in preparation for your upcoming event?  These are great to make staff at the event stand out as part of your brand.
  • Golf day coming up? Whether you’re hosting or sponsoring a golfing event – a branded polo shirt can be a fantastic giveaway for those attending. A useful gift that will be a reminder of the day.
  • Polo Shirts are used a lot in customer-facing environments as they stay looking smart as you work while being comfortable to wear. Adding a branded polo shirt to your uniform is a brilliant way to get your staff looking sharp and like part of your brand!


Look at the part with a polo!

With a variety of colours and branding options, Extravaganza are here to help create your perfect polo. We can help with designs and updates in production to make sure your polo looks spot on. Embroidering your logo onto the chest of your polo is a brilliant way to get your polo-looking retail quality that will impress and make your brand look prestigious. Got a message to get out there? No problem! Our print areas mean you can team your logo with any message or image on the back of your polo, whether it’s your latest hashtag campaign or just something to say ‘ask me for help’. No matter what design you’re looking for we’re here to make sure your polo looks the part.

Polo shirt materials.

Polo shirts almost always use a cotton pique knit. This is because it was popularised by the inventor of polo shirts, Rene Lacoste, the pique knit is breathable, durable and flexible making it perfect for sportswear, workwear and pretty much any other time! The pique knit is recognisable by its textured waffle type finish. Alternatively, you could go for a jersey knit which tends to be cheaper but not as popular in polos. You’re much more likely to see this material on a T-shirt.


Polo shirt trivia.

  • The Polo shirt was originally designed for playing Tennis. Before Polo shirts were on the scene, players were expected to wear smart outfits for their games. Polo shirts combine this smart look with flexibility and durability making them much more suitable for sports like tennis.
  • Although Rene Lacoste invented the Polo shirt, the name ‘Polo’ was coined by Ralph Lauren to appeal to the aristocratic audience who played what he called ‘the most elegant sport’.
  • The button-down collar design also originates from polo (the sport) to stop the players’ collars from flapping in the wind.


Popular polo shirt brands.

  • Gildan
  • SOL’S
  • Russel
  • Canterbury
  • Awdis
  • Regatta
  • Fruit of the Loom


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