Personalise your own workwear, custom work uniforms, health, and safety items, all printed with your company logo or designs.

Extravaganza offers printed work uniforms to suit any brand – whether you’re looking to get your staff looking as smart as your carefully designed store or looking for something safe that stands out on site. Staff are one of your company’s biggest assets making workwear a fantastic way of getting your brand exposed. Whatever your company’s needs; we’ll supply the uniform to suit. Our huge range of garments and safety gear looks superb with a logo printed onto them. Workwear is a fantastic way to give your staff a sense of belonging to your brand and for identifying staff and departments within the business no matter if you’re on the job on-site or exhibiting at a trade show.

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Why should you brand your uniform?

There are a number of branding options to choose from. Embroidery is a great way to get your logo standing out. Embroidering your logo adds a quality touch and makes your workwear feel like a real quality product that your staff will wear with pride.

We also offer screen prints and full colour transfers which are great for lighter weight garments like T-shirts. Printing with a one or two colour screen print with a nice design can create some of the best looking garments. This print method is simple yet super effective when it comes to printing your workwear.

Full colour transfers offer the most flexibility for your design. No matter how complex your design, it can be achieved with a full colour transfer. With the right product these can offer a hard wearing and retail quality finish to your garments.


Why workwear?

Particularly when your staff are public facing, branded uniforms are a great way to identify them as part of your company so that your customers know who to go to for help. Whether they stand out in your bright brand colour or look superbly professional, Uniform is brilliant for demonstrating your staff’s expertise.

Providing your staff with uniforms is also an opportunity to make sure staff look as smart as their work environment. Your new premises are something to be proud of, you’ve spent weeks, maybe even months making sure every detail is perfect. You’ve got your branding on the walls and your slogan on the counter, what next? Staff uniform can be the finishing touch to your carefully designed premises. Adding a branding to your uniform can create a really cohesive brand experience when customers come to visit you.

Even if your staff don’t come face to face with your customers. Workwear can be brilliant for safety, from Hi-Viz to Hard hats, branded workwear is an excellent way to say that your brand cares about it’s employees’ safety.

Branded workwear is also a fantastic way of making your employees feel like a part of the same team and a part of your brand. Whether this is in a customer facing role or behind the scenes branded uniform creates a real sense of belonging for your staff. By providing great quality branded garments, you’re providing a product that they will love, branding their uniform will make them love your brand too, especially when the design looks cool.


Make your employees look the part!

What’s your vision for your brand? Your logo and colour palette look amazing so why stop with your website and branded goodies? Workwear makes your staff look like part of your brand. They are truly the face of your brand when it comes to serving your customers so why not make sure they look like it!


Uses for Branded Workwear.

  • If you’re attending a trade show, Branded T-shirts, Polos or even hoodies are great for attracting your potential customers. Not only does it tell them who to talk to, but if you go for a bright colour, it will also make your brand stand out!
  • Looking professional. It’s said that branded workwear is a great trust signal for your clients, particularly in trades where your competitors might not work in uniform.
  • Believe it or not, Different colours of Hi-Viz have different uses. Yellow is most commonly used and perfect for those that work in a lot of different environments as it offers a bright contrast in most places. Orange is great for use at sea because of it’s contrast against blue and grey whereas pink is perfect for use in natural environments since it’s a colour that doesn’t appear very often in nature.


Workwear trivia.

  • Casual Fridays were introduced in the 1990s as a perk for employees, nowadays however it is the norm and some work places go casual all week!
  • Hi-Viz is said to have huge benefits to safety. Wearing your Hi-Viz means you can be identified up to 3 seconds faster than in normal clothes which could save your life!
  • Ever wondered why Hi-Viz garments have those reflective strips? These are used to outline the human form. This allows people to identify you as a person and not something else wrapped in Hi-Viz!
  • Branded workwear can be very helpful in large workplaces as it helps staff identify their team and gives them a sense of belonging.
  • Fire fighters changed from a full Hi-Viz outfit to just reflective strips on a dark uniform as they’ve shown to contrast much better in a fire.
  • RPET is a great eco material made from recycled plastic bottles. Extravaganza offer workwear made from this material as well as a number of other branded products.


Types of Workwear?

  • Beauty and Healthcare
  • Catering and Hospitality
  • Office Wear
  • Construction and Safety wear
  • Hi-Viz
  • Workwear for tradeshows


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