Branded catering uniforms for the kitchen including chef clothing, aprons, oven gloves, and chef’s hat.

Uniforms in the catering business are so important, so why not brand yours today? With a range of different personalisation styles including Textile Printing, Embroidery, and Transfer Printing. There are loads of options for branding when it comes to printing custom-printed aprons, chef hats, and loads more catering uniform options. Catering uniforms originated in France in the mid-19th century. Aprons weren’t necessarily used for hygiene reasons; they were used more like a tea towel to wipe wet hands and dirty hands down whilst cooking, to make it quicker and easier to move around the kitchen. However, this wouldn’t be acceptable now due to the hygiene laws. Uniforms play an important role in an organization. They act as a type of identification for customers to use and be easily able to spot staff out. Uniform is beneficial as employees can save money as they aren’t spending money on extra-special formal clothes for office purposes. With the help of uniforms, employees can save both time and money. The uniforms also help to market or advertise the company meaning it benefits all around.

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Benefits of wearing branded uniforms:

  • Uniform makes you look professional
  • It gives your customers extra confidence
  • Customers can easily find staff members in a store
  • Uniform works as a great advertising tool
  • Provides safety and security


Why are aprons important?

Aprons no longer just help you stay clean. Even though the main factor is to stop you from staining your own clothing and personal belongings it also does the following. Aprons also take the main impact of hot spillages and trays, preventing you from getting serious burns and keeping you a lot safer in the kitchen. If you are traveling all day especially on public transport you will be carrying a lot of germs and dust. Aprons are made to then stop food from coming into contact with the dust, hairs, and germs that you’ve probably just been in contact with. One way that fires can start is because of loose clothing that makes contact with the stove and catches flames. An apron is important because it keeps all loose clothing securely and safely tied down and held back from open flames. For this purpose, an apron isn’t just a safety item for inside cooks, but also for those who like to grill outside on the BBQ too.


Why are oven gloves important?

Oven gloves and oven mitts are just as important as an apron. Oven gloves are designed to provide protection against excessive heat and to make cooking activities easier. Heat-resistant cooking gloves protect your hands and prevent accidental burns while lifting hot pots and pans, they withstand up to 200 degrees of heat for about 10 seconds.


What’s the difference between an oven glove and an oven mitt?

Oven Gloves are the shape of a glove with 5 finger holes for each finger. These are perfect for hot items that are weird shapes and hard to carry around. Also easier to cut up hot food as it is easier to keep in place. Oven Mitts are the shape of the mitts with 2 compartments being the thumb and the finger compartments. Mitts are the traditional design as a heat protector in the kitchen as they provide a higher temperature resistance than Oven Gloves. Whether it’s a mitt or a glove why not make it unique to your company and add an embroidered logo or print your company name onto them!


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