Get creative with promotional printed drinks bottles, metal bottles, plastic bottles, and more all printed with your company logo.

What will you use your bottle for? We have a variety of printed drinks bottles to suit your campaign. There’s ergonomically designed sports bottles for fitness fanatics, Insulated aluminium bottles to keep drinks cool and glass water bottles for looking smart in the office. Whatever your bottles get used for they’re a great way to keep your staff or clients hydrated, taking care of their health and well being. With that in mind – you might want to think about how you brand your bottle, will you make your logo stand out on a colour that compliments your brand or will you add a slogan that promotes healthy living and an environmentally conscious lifestyle? Every reusable bottle is a much better alternative to single-use plastic so why not shout about it? You could even add markers that show how much to drink per day. Whatever design you have in mind, we’re here to help make it come to life.

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Reuse and reduce!

It’s time to ditch wasteful single-use plastic bottles in favour of a durable bottle that sends the right message about your brand.  Only 1 in 5 single-use plastic bottles are properly recycled meaning they have a huge environmental impact. Branded reusable bottles can reduce the amount of waste you produce while looking much more desirable. We are here to help you find a bottle that suits your brand. Branded water bottles make a fantastic giveaway as customers love to receive and re-use them time and time again. What does your bottle say about your brand? Will you go for something sleek in Stainless Steel or embrace your eco spirit with natural materials like bamboo. There are loads of options available to suit any campaign.


Why branded bottles?

Branded Water Bottles are a fantastic giveaway. People love to receive this type of merchandise because it is so useful day-to-day, meaning your brand stays top of mind for the user, particularly if you go for a retail quality bottle that they really love to use. This reusability also tells the user your brand is committed to reducing the use of single-use plastic.


How are bottles branded?

With such a range of materials to choose from, however, you want to brand your bottle – we have the solution. There are options to print from a 1 colour screen print to a full-colour digital print. We can even Pantone match your bottle to your brand’s exact colour. Or you could add a real quality touch by adding an engraved logo to your bottle cap. Whatever you’re looking for – we’re here to help you design your perfect branded bottle.


Types of water bottles.

  • Sports Bottles
  • Double-wall insulated aluminium bottles
  • Diffuser bottles
  • Glass Bottles
  • BPA-Free Bottles
  • Recycled PET Bottles
  • Hip Flasks
  • Eco Water Bottles


Water bottle branding ideas.

Hydration Markers – These are a fantastic way to promote health with your bottle branding.  These let the user know how much water they should be drinking making your bottle a very useful promotional product.

Slogans that let users know about your bottles eco-credentials – Whether it’s made from recycled plastic bottles or another sustainable material – adding your bottle’s story certainly gives it a touch of personality that your clients will love.

Add something motivational – No matter who’s using your bottle. It could be for a fitness event or a gift for your staff. Everyone could use a little motivation so say something that will keep them pushing on!


Why reusable?

  • By using a reusable bottle you’re reducing your waste and therefore your environmental impact.
  • Refilling a reusable bottle cost significantly less than buying bottled water.
  • Studies have shown that tap water tastes just as good as bottled stuff!
  • Reusable bottles are much more durable.
  • Water doesn’t taste like plastic out of an aluminium or glass bottle.
  • Reusable bottles are available in a range of colours, shapes and sizes so you’ll find something that suits you and your brand.

Contact US.

We’re here to help match you with the perfect bottle. We can even help with your unique design making sure the bottle stands out with your branding. Get in touch to find out more about our water bottle you can contact the team on email at or call them on 01162852417.