Stay hydrated with promotional glass bottles which can be reused every day by your recipients!

Here at Extravaganza we consider ourselves to be wellness mad, and making sure you’re hydrated is so important when keeping on top of work! We can even give you alternative options and also help you find glass bottles that suit your needs. This can include cheap bottles, sustainable glass bottles and so much more! Our promotional printed glass bottles are highly desirable promotions that everyone will need at the start of the year. Whether your bottles are for employees, customers, or at home, we are extremely confident that branded water bottles will work effectively in getting your brand seen! We are a nation of gym lovers! And why wouldn’t we be? After all, our useful branded bottles can be used for all sorts of things including days out, events, gym sessions, and annual holidays. There are so many drinks that can be put in our glass bottles that everybody will love.

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Why should you choose to print glass bottles?

There are so many reasons why you should buy your own branded glass bottles.Ā  they can be beneficial for you in both work and your personal life. Keeping hydrated throughout the day will keep you and your recipients feeling happy and healthy which will increase their concentration at work and mood in general. Even better it’s a portable form of advertising, by providing your staff and customers with a branded glass bottle, your brand will be shown to hundreds of people per day. This is because many people will carry the glass bottle in their hands. This is why we believe that branded glass bottles are an effective form of marketing when using promotional merchandise. Promotional glass bottles make a great gift throughout the year, and are useful to giveaway at events, especially to your staff or employees. You could even include a promotional glass bottle in a goody bag or swag box to create an even bigger impact on the recipient receiving it.


What are the benefits of printing glass bottles?

Premium merchandise option.

When choosing the merchandise that best represents you as a brand it’s great to take into account the quality of service you provide. If you are a luxury retailer you will need to go for a more premium product to ensure your brand is reflected in the merchandise. For example, if a premium brand wanted branded glass bottles as part of their merchandise they would choose the luxury glass water bottle over the cheap bottle because the glass bottle is more ‘on-brand’ for them.

Encourages wellness.

Having a good quality, reusable glass bottle for your staff and customers will promote general wellness for everyone. It will make people want to hydrate more often and actually take a bottle out and about with them! If people then get used to taking your bottle out with them and drinking more regularly, it will become a habit and then you have low-cost walking adverts for your business.


Branded glass bottles are highly valued because of the huge exposure they give. Let’s say you took your bottle into town whilst you did a food shop, went to the gym, and went clothes shopping, can you imagine the large number of people who have laid eyes on your logo in just one day? This is why we highly recommend branded glass water bottles as an effective source of marketing.


What materials can glass bottles be made from?

Glass bottles can be made from many different types of glass. For example, some of the most popular glass variations for glass bottles are soda-lime glass, treated soda-lime glass, and borosilicate glass. When it comes to printing glass bottles there are a few ways you can go about it. The first is printing directly onto the glass called UV-curable printing and digital ceramic printing. The second is printing onto a sleeve or band that sits around the bottle. Both are just as effective but do cost differently. A great all-rounder glass bottle is the Utah Bottle because it comes in various colours, has a great branding area, and holds up to 500ml of liquids to last you throughout the day. Another popular glass bottle that we recommend is the Impact Glass Bottle. It’s a great option if you are looking for something more on trend and stylish and promotes the eco-friendly look with the bamboo lid that it also features.


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