Get your ultimate caffeine fix with your very own branded ceramic mug, printed with your own logo and design!

Start your merchandise journey with our amazing range of branded ceramic mugs! When delving into promotional merchandise for the first time it can be pretty overwhelming, but the first essential products that are necessary for a successful marketing campaign are pens and ceramic mugs! This is because these are the items that people use most in one day. Mugs are a great product to put a bigger logo on as pens only have a small print area. You can also fit more key information on printed ceramic mugs like an address, phone number or email! Everyone loves a brew, right? This is why you should think about the merchandise products you know will get used daily because this will get your brand more exposure. For example, if a less waste campaign team had promotional paper cups for their water machine and all the tea and coffee stations it would not reflect the brand at all or what it stands for. This is why you need to find merchandise that reflects your brand perfectly and we can help you with that! Printed ceramic mugs are great because they are reusable and last for up to 10 years or over which is a great investment for your brand. Printed ceramic mugs are also microwaveable and dishwasher-safe, so perfect for your employees in the office!

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How can a branded ceramic mug promote your brand effectively?

Branded ceramic mugs are a great option for your next merchandise campaign! They are the best investment for your brand because ceramic mugs can last up to ten years! If you are anything like us, we come into the office, make a brew then get started with work, so you are bound to use your printed ceramic mugs every day whether it’s for you or your customers. Branded ceramic mugs have a larger print area than other popular merchandise products like pens. This gives you lots of creative freedom to not only add your logo on the mug but also contact details and personalisation.


What are some exciting branding ideas for promotional ceramic mugs?

  • Colour changing feature
  • Funky shaped handles
  • Printing on the rim
  • Metallic logo
  • Full-colour print
  • Printing inside the mug
  • Complex writing
  • Patterns

It’s really important to make your printed ceramic mug stand out and catch the attention of your customers! You will know you have met the brief when someone compliments your new promotional merchandise! Having exciting branding on your printed ceramic mugs will really heighten your professionalism.


What are some different ways to use branded ceramic mugs?

  • You can gift new employees company starter packs with all your branded merchandise or you can even gift this pack to a loyal and returning customer to form strong industry relationships.
  • If you’ve ever seen ½ cup in a recipe, you’ll know that cups can be used to measure for baking or for serving sizes of things like rice.
  • You can make mug cakes! There are loads of fantastic recipes for cakes that fit into a mug and bake in the microwave.
  • Fill your mug with soil and grow plants inside of it.
  • Use them as a pen pot to keep your desk tidy.
  • Turn your mug into a tremendous festive gift by filling it with hot chocolate & marshmallows.


What printing options are available for ceramic mugs?

Screen printing.

This form of printing is ideal for printing mugs in bulk because it transfers the image directly onto the mug and quickly. when direct screen printing, an image or writing is printed directly onto the rotating body of the mug.

Transfer printing.

The design is printed onto paper, screened and then delicately transferred by hand onto the individual mug. This is the best form of printing if the mug is an intricate shape or if it needs to wrap around the mug. It also gives a more extensive colour range than direct screen printing.

Full-colour dye sublimation.

Dye sublimation is when you professionally apply full-colour images and other artwork onto mugs. To do this you need a dye sublimation printer, which will print your design in reverse onto a special paper.

Magic heat change mugs.

A magic mug, heat-changing mug, transforming mug, or disappearing mug is a ceramic mug that changes colour when it is filled with a hot liquid. This effect is created by using thermochromic ink.

Pantone match your brand colour.

Colour-match mugs are made by creating a batch of ink which matches the Pantone that you require. Afterwards, the mugs are loaded onto a revolving production line, with each mug inside a rotating element. Pantone is a great option for big batches of mugs as it’s a more professional and costly process.


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