Promotional printed flasks, insulated bottles, thermal cups, and more, printed with your logo

Here at Extravaganza, we can print all types of promotional printed flasks, so that your brand can go everywhere that your flask goes! Let your clients share your brand for you, whilst they go about their day whilst using the promotional flask gift that you decide to giveaway. Our thermal flasks are designed to keep your drinks extremely cold or extremely hot, meaning you can travel on the go with your drink and it stays at the perfect temperature for you. Our promotional flasks are going to keep your drink at that perfect temperature for up to 24 to 48 hours depending on which flask you decide to brand. We sell two different types of flasks which are used for different purposes, these being the thermos flasks for hot drinks to keep them warm and then the vintage flasks for alcohol use, which can keep alcoholic beverages chilled and compact. Flasks have a higher user value than a bottle does. Which makes them perfect as promotional tools and even accessories. They could even be an item which could be re-sold and distributed but also make profits on as well. Making use of our branding service means that you know exactly what you want to put on your flasks, this could be a logo or slogan that will be noticed all the time when the flask is being used, which will make the users remember your brand in the long run.

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Why choose a promotional thermal flask?

Maintain the temperature.

Promotional thermos flasks are a perfect promotion if you are looking for a printed cup that will keep your drinks at the perfect temperature. They can become a very useful item if your events are outside, or if you’re planning promotions for the winter. Everyone enjoys a nice warm drink when itÔÇÖs cold outside.

Perfect for hikes, camping & travelling.

Our promotional flasks become a very handy tool when wanting to carry hot liquids around with you all day. They are super convenient and some even feature a nice handle similar to a mug so you can hold the flasks with comfort. Our flasks are here to save the day if it’s cold and you need something to warm yourself up then these comforting goodies are the right match, especially when completing outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, or outdoor travelling.


Thermal flasks are cost-effective because they give you a way of enjoying fresh and hot coffee and tea without having to fork out a fortune at a coffee shop. Then when visiting a coffee shop if you need to, you can get an extra discount for using your own cups making this a discounted way of getting drinks.


Many flasks come with lovely extra features such as a cup or utensils so you can enjoy your hot drinks or hot soup anywhere on the go. This makes them super convenient when out and about.


Key selling points.

  • Useful
  • Durable
  • Designer Brands available
  • Loads of sizes available
  • Eco-friendly
  • Gift sets and mug sets are available


How to use thermal flasks as a promotion.

For your customers, co-workers, and business partners, promotional flasks can be a very useful item in their working lives as well as in their free time when a mug just wonÔÇÖt do. Printed flasks can be used as a promotional item at exhibitions, events as well as campaigns. We also recommend you to use them as promotional gifts for birthdays, Christmas or anniversaries. This stands exceptionally true for beverage producers as well as sports clubs.


Get creative with different materials.

There is a range of materials for your perfect promotion. Our most popular flask is our stainless steel flasks, but we also offer materials such as bamboo, copper, plastic, and aluminium.


Find the perfect printing option.

Our high-quality print service will ensure your logo is visible for many years to come, even through regular use. Be sure to check with us to know if your flasks are dishwasher safe. Our flasks can be printed in many different ways including screen printing, pad printing, and laser engraving. There is even the opportunity to brand the box that the flask comes in to create the perfect gift for your consumers. These can then be sent directly to your recipient’s door or could be a nice gift to give to them face to face.

  • Use up to four colours for creative colourful branding
  • Use of colour embossing and pad printing
  • Stainless steel thermos can be engraved
  • Engraving adapted to your vision


Contact us.

If youÔÇÖre interested in printing your own thermal flasks or are interested in any information on our flasks then get in touch with us by email at or give us a call on 0116 285 2417. The Extravaganza team is more than happy to help discuss ideas, concepts, and prices.