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Why buy a promotional travel mug?

WeÔÇÖve all seen David AttenboroughÔÇÖs Blue Planet footage and Greta Thunberg speeches.┬á Single-use materials are clogging up our landfill and oceans and itÔÇÖs a problem. So with the increase in demand reaction, we have sent the rise of the printed reusable coffee cup or travel mug. Alongside the environmental benefits, a lot of coffee chains and canteens now offer money off, discounts and rewards if you bring in your own cup. With printed silicone sleeves or bands there are lots of ways to effectively brand your travel mug – within budget.


Different materials used for travel mugs.

  • Bamboo
  • Plastic
  • Glass
  • Ceramic
  • Stainless Steel
  • Recycled Paper and Card (Compostable Takeaway Cups)


Why brand a travel mug for your recipients?

Travel mugs are a great item to brand and to give out as a promotional gift, this is because they are useful and everyone does love having a nice cuppa on the way to work in the mornings. A portable cup of coffee or tea should seem ideal to anyone, especially when at work as your recipient probably has another 20 things to do in that week. A travel mug makes having a cuppa more accessible as you can enjoy whilst out and about. The bonus of travel mugs is that they can be used at any time of the week and are lovely to take on a walk or picnic at the weekends, and can be fitted into other activities making it the perfect promo item for anyone who loves a warm drink.


Top 10 reasons to brand your own travel mugs.


It doesn’t matter what choice of material you use for your travel mugs, but what we do know is that your travel mug will definitely last! The construction of how our travel mugs are made means your branded travel mugs will be hanging around for quite a while. This not only ensures long-term environmental improvements, as you will be removing the whole single-use plastic, but also you will have a┬á longer exposure for your brand since you’ll become part of daily routines everywhere when everyoneÔÇÖs using their travel mugs.

Cost effective.

The bonus of buying a travel mug is that they arenÔÇÖt throwable items. They are items that last a long amount of time and can be reused over and over again. Meaning your travel mug will be with you for a long amount of time, so they are worth the cost as they will stay with your brand for a long amount of time. Some of our merchandise is known for being a throwaway item or giveaway, which isnÔÇÖt something that is going to be cost-effective for your business.

Huge range of colours and styles.

There is a huge variety of colours and styles available for your travel mugs. We have something to suit every single brand in every different style whatever your brand is trying to get across! We also have different branding options for our travel mugs including screen printing, digital printing and engraving. It is completely up to you how you design your travel mugs and we are here to make any idea or design come straight to life!

Hot & cold drink solutions.

If you are an expert on travel mugs, you will also know that we have travel mugs that can keep drinks cold or warm for long amounts of mine. We also have paper travel cups which come in single-walled and double-walled, which makes a big difference to the quality and temperature of a drink but is also good to know the difference between the two.


Other names for travel mugs.

  • Travel Cup
  • Thermal Mugs
  • Thermo Cup
  • Thermal Flask
  • Flask
  • Beaker
  • Coffee Cup
  • Keep Cup


Contact us.

If your team is looking for high volume bulk travel mugs, then please send in a special enquiry to the wholesale team by email at or give us a call on 0116 285 2417 and our team will be able to look into special prices for your bulk purchase.