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We work with a range of gaming clients from high-growth developers to global video game brands, delivering promotional merchandise and delivery services that drive real player engagement and commercial results. Gaming is a fun pastime activity, but the fun has been taken to a new level with e-sports! E-sports is rapidly becoming one of the world’s most lucrative industries. With the unique combination of immersive entertainment, high production values, and multiplayer gameplay, the games industry is the driving force of entertainment today and the future. The Creative Team at Extravaganza has been working with the biggest Gaming Industry Brands since 2010 and the leaders of Esports and Gaming Merchandise. However crazy your bespoke merchandise idea sounds, rest assured we can help you bring it to life. Your merchandise will drive real player engagement. Esports has an affluent and committed audience all looking for the ultimate branded merchandise experience. The opportunity to connect, grow and further cement loyalty is huge and lucrative (if done correctly!) A small or large budget with a creative approach has the possibility to reap humongous results!

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What is e-sports?

Esports is competitive video gaming played at a professional level. Esports is short for  Electronic Sport and it has transformed online gaming into a spectator sport. We are now talking about BIG BRANDING opportunities. It is now a global spectator sport that ranks alongside music and film as one of the major players in entertainment. With the right brand marketing, Esports has the power to rake in the audiences, sponsorships, influencers, and cash pots. This industry includes not only traditional sports-related games like FIFA, but also games such as Rocket League, Fortnite, Counter-Strike, and Dota 2. Marketing and promotional products for gaming are a growing market. The possibilities for branded gaming products are huge and the Extravaganza Team knows all about this!  According to a report from Activate, eSports revenue is predicted to grow by 17% between 2020 and 2024. It is expected to increase mostly because of the growing consumer spending, which is said to go from $1.7B to $3.3B by 2024.


What to think about when creating esports marketing and merchandise.

  • Brands and sponsorships
  • Investment marketing
  • Tournament delivery – creative branding
  • Fan engagement
  • Streaming
  • Socials
  • Publisher fees

From gaming t-shirts, bespoke character keyrings, custom-designed christmas jumpers or gaming gift packs the team has got it covered. we are fuelled by innovative ways to transform your brand character into life with merchandise! from concept to design to prototype and production, we can create your bespoke gaming merchandise effortlessly. we are able to offer a full creative package with full global fulfilment and delivery packages. promotional marketing in the gaming industry connecting is a great way to connect to users. influencers can help boost your content’s visibility. you can feature your partner influencers on live chats, ads, or branded giveaways!


List of popular esports genres:

  • Real-time strategy games (RTS) merchandise
  • Casino game merchandise
  • First-person shooter (FPS) game merchandise
  • Fighting game merchandise
  • Mass multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) merchandise
  • Multiplayer online battle arena games (MOBA) merchandise

There are lots of ideas for esports and gaming that we can offer, including designed garments, jumpers, socks, creative kits, gaming bottles, stickers, hats and beanies, character keyrings, mascot merchandise, compressed garments, printed electronics, and lots more, just talk to the team and we can get your ideas on a roll.


Gamer t-shirts are compact and compressed.

Printed Gaming t-shirts are one of the most popular promotional merchandise for the Gaming Industry! People love to ‘wear’ their favourite games. By making them compact, compressed T-shirts add instant value and interaction.  It’s amazing to see T-shirts expand and take on their natural form. And, with the added bonus that they are easy to post too!


How do compressed t-shirts work?

Simply remove the eco shrink wrapping, and compostable carton and then places the t-shirt in water for a short while. It will quickly expand and take on its natural shape. They then remove it from the water and let it dry. Alternatively, just put it directly into the washing machine. It’s as simple as that! The t-shirts have a 100% ‘recovery’ from compression. Instructions can specify “open, place in water, iron” or “open, place.


Types of screen printing for gaming t-shirts.

From 1 to 10 spot colour printing on white garments using mostly water-based inks resulting in a soft hand/feel.

  • Four colour process printing onto white garments
  • Photographic printing onto dark garments using a special silkscreen separation of up to 10 colours using plastisol inks or discharge printing.
  • Screen printing with glossy finish: after a garment is printed, we apply a special laminate to create a super glossy finish.
  • Discharge printing: creates an ultra-soft print onto dark garments. It’s super innovative as it is still a screen printing process where the same techniques and equipment are used but instead of normal ink, discharge inks are used, which remove the shirt’s dye instead of putting a colour on top of the t-shirt.


Options of compact and compressed shapes to choose from:



Contact us.

Anything and everything is possible when it comes to finding the perfect merchandise for esports and gaming, especially when working with the Extravaganza team. It all depends on how far our imagination (as well as real industry experience) allows us to travel. We will work with you and your team to establish what’s required, all you need to do is contact us via email at or give us a call on 0116 285 2417 to get your ideas flowing!