Custom printed eco-friendly merchandise, sustainable products, bamboo products, and recycled merchandise ideas.

As a supplier of promotional items, we want to make sure that you’re guided towards choosing the right promotional items that are earth and people-positive. Here at Extravaganza, we have seen the growing consumer interest in printed eco merchandise. Some of our top picks include the bamboo travel cups, the eco student kits, the compostable takeaway coffee cups, and our eco-friendly bag ideas. The business industry has been adopting green practices and developing sustainable marketing strategies, they want information on resources, the environmental impact of manufacturing, packaging, and the consequences of consumption. Sustainable marketing and promotional items also seek to tap into consumer attitudes and perceptions regarding the environment in order to better position brands to appeal to environmentally aware consumers. Mindless consumption always turns into excessive consumption, so the quality of products, usefulness, and longevity are the key factors to consider when choosing promotional products. Bio-based products are also making their way to the promotional products market including plant-based items such as jute bags, compostable paper cups made from plants, and bamboo travel cups. For most brands, the focus is on connecting with consumers, suppliers, and experts to continue to develop innovative ways to incorporate sustainability and social purpose into business strategies and products. We find that if you cannot reuse a promotional item, then there is really no point in buying it. We try to promote the idea of re-using promotional items making them more sustainable to the environment. With climate change becoming a big thing, this means businesses have to demonstrate their corporate social responsibility (CSR) seriously, this can be done by investing in eco-friendly branded merchandise that amplifies your brand whilst also taking into account factors such as reusability, recycling and responsible sourcing. Whether your next marketing campaign requires eco-friendly tote bags, branded eco coffee cups or perhaps even recycled pencils, we have the perfect environmentally savvy product to help. Make sure you take your next steps to save the environment and promote your business all at the same time!

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