Create your own eco-friendly notebooks, recycled notepads, bamboo journaling books, cork notebooks, plantable notebooks, and more.

Why go for a plain notebook when there are so many great eco options to choose from? There’s notebooks made from recycled paper, plastic, and even elephant poo! At Extravaganza we love all eco-materials, especially when it means your product has a story to tell. We all have that notebook that is our desk companion used to jot down notes, to-do lists, and perhaps even create your next merch design! A notebook is an important part of life, where would we be without our notebooks? Here at Extravaganza, we love all things to do with notebooks, they are great promotional items to distribute among your organization’s target audience, whether they are staff, clients, or members of the public. Journals have a universal appeal which means they can support a variety of marketing campaigns and events, whether they are given out for free at conferences, used by companies on training courses, or distributed by schools and universities to new students and even better you can promote sustainability within your workplace through the use of eco-friendly notebooks and new eco-materials to make your bespoke notebooks. At Extravaganza we offer an array of printing notebooks and eco-friendly journals, including A4, A5, and A6, and a range of unique shapes bespoke to your requirements. Demonstrate your environmental credentials with help from the team today!

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Alternative materials to choose from.


Bamboo is a fantastic material for your notebooks. Not only is it natural and renewable but it also looks amazing. With the right design, a bamboo notebook looks like a high-quality retail item that competes with a leather or mole finish. Unlike those options, however, the natural look lets the user know that your brand cares about sustainability.


Cork is perfect for brands looking for that raw and bang-up to date natural look. Cork is very difficult to stretch and squeeze meaning it’s very durable. Cork notebooks, therefore, make a great companion for those doing their notes on the go.


We love merch that is recycled. Recycled plastic is an incredibly versatile material that we’re able to use for a huge range of products. Made from recycled plastic bottles and containers, RPET notebooks are a giveaway that reduces our waste. You might think that RPET is limited to hard plastic however there’s also RPET felt that gives a much softer feel!

Seed paper.

If you’re anything like us, you’ll fill up your notebook super quickly with notes, sketches and ideas. But what do you do when you’re finished with your notebook? Plant it of course! Seed paper notebooks are a great way to bring life to your garden with a variety of seeds available.

Coffee waste.

Ever wondered what happens to your coffee grounds after you’ve had your favourite brew in the morning? In most cases, unfortunately, the answer is not very much at all! Coffee notebooks and other products made from recycled coffee grounds are a great way to make use of this everyday waste. As a bonus, they look great too!

Recycled card and paper.

We love to see materials given a new lease of life. Using a recycled notebook is a brilliant way to reduce your waste. Why not use the paper from a notebook that has already been used and repurpose it into a branded eco notebook that looks even better!


Quirky notebook materials.

  • Elephant poo
  • Recycled textile
  • Coffee waste
  • Stone waste
  • Agricultural waste (from tomatoes, peppers, grass etc)
  • Recycled leather gathered from shoe and bag production.
  • RPET felt
  • Seeded paper
  • Recycled single-use plastic bags
  • Recycled till receipts


Branding options.

From engraving on bamboo or cork to full-color print on one of our recycled paper notebooks, the possibilities to brand on an eco notebook are just as flexible as they are on any of our other notebooks. Whatever your brand, we’ll have the printing option to suit. We’ll even help out with designs if you’re not sure how you’d like your eco notebook to look.

Handy and branded.

Everyone loves somewhere to jot down their notes which is why notebooks make such a fantastic giveaway. Notebooks in handy sizes are great for on the go and your brand could be the perfect eco companion for customers’ busy lives. Getting your brand onto a notebook is therefore a great way to stay top of mind for the customer that is always using their handy branded eco notebook.

Productivity and sustainability.

Notebooks are great for university and college students and even for your own staff in the office. Whether it’s a to-do list, taking down lecture notes, or sketching out your next big idea, notebooks are perfect for encouraging productivity. Eco materials mean that your productivity doesn’t compromise your company’s sustainability and eco-credentials. Using a recycled notebook for your notes and ideas means that you make the most of the materials used.


Alternative uses for eco notebooks.

  • Travel journal
  • Dream diary
  • Fitness journal
  • Create a recipe book
  • Meal planner
  • Event planner
  • Gratitude journal
  • Unsent letters


Branding ideas for your eco notebook.

  • Tell your notebook’s story. Adding a message like “made from recycled coffee grounds” to your print lets the user know about its eco-credentials and gives your notebook a story they will love!
  • Add a motivational message. Notebooks are often used as a desk buddy to write to-do lists and jot down messages at work so why not add something like “you’ve got this!” To the print to boost motivation and productivity.
  • If slogans aren’t your thing, simple branding is sometimes best on eco products. A discreet one-colour print or engraving of your logo makes for a quality product that your clients will love and hold on to.


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