Promote your eco credentials within your business with promotional eco-friendly pens.

Our eco pen range features a variety of eco-friendly pens which come in a range of colours, styles and variations of materials that are eco-friendly. They can be made and produced from recycled, biodegradable, sustainable, organic materials. We are constantly expanding our collection with eco-friendly ballpoint pens, made of materials like wheat straw, bamboo, and wood. Most of our promotional pens are usually made from plastic but as your brand becomes more Earth Conscious we want to help you think about making more sustainable choices without compromising your brand identity. We find that most conscious brands don’t want to be associated with cheap plastic promotional pens. If pens are an important part of your promotional product range then we would always encourage you to try out the eco options too. There is the opportunity to get ideas from our team, we can send free visuals also before you go to order as we love to ensure that the product fits your needs and suits your branding and company identity. Also, please remember you can always request samples before you make any decision and we are here to support you to make the right decisions for your brand. Plastic is also a valuable resource but it should be used efficiently for promotional products with longevity. Promotional Pens have a relatively short life cycle which is why we are shouting from the rooftop about the recycled and recyclable pen options. They are better for our environment and we also have a collection of pens which are distributed in an eco-friendly manner using electric vans to lower the carbon footprint. There are also certificates available if you need eco-credentials of certain eco promotional pens, so you can ensure that the product is definitely the right item for your promotional campaign. Whatever you decide to choose we will be able to advise on branding, prices and sustainability. We encourage our customers to request samples to road test the products before committing to ordering.

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Different types of materials for eco promotional pens.

For those looking to promote the eco-credentials of their company or organisation, what better than eco-friendly pens? Our range consists of recycled and environmentally friendly designs so that you can choose one to match your needs and business image. We’ve come up with a list of our favourite materials for eco promotional pens which you can find out more about below.

Wheat Promotional Pens.

There’s a lot of wheat in the world. This means there’s also a huge amount of wheat-related waste in the form of leaves, straw and more. In turn, this ‘waste’ is given a new lease of life as we can make them into pens.

Bamboo Pens.

The Bamboo Ballpoint Pen is usually engraved and available within 5 working days. Most of the bamboo used in promotional products is produced in China. It belongs to the grass family but looks and feels like wood. Bamboo is a symbol of traditional Chinese values as it represents harmony between nature and human beings. Bamboo reflects people’s souls and emotions. Very noble, full of virtue, calming, modest and beautiful. Promotional products made from bamboo naturally reflect this natural, calming beauty. Bamboo Pens are cost-effective but far more elegant than the plastic pen in the same price range so definitely worth asking us to see samples.  Many sustainable pens are made from compressed Bamboo fibre strands.  The fibres undergo a chemical-free process known as carbonisation where they are heated under pressurised steam. The fibres are mixed with resin and then pressed under extreme pressure into strips.  These strips are then moulded into the required pen shapes. A healthy environment is important for all of us.  It is important to buy pens for longevity and usability first rather than recyclability. That’s why the design and feel of eco-friendly pens are more important than recyclability.

PLA / Corn Pens.

Many of our products are made of a bioplastic called PLA, which is Poly Lactic Acid. This material is usually made from sugars and starch from corn or beet. Lactic acid is extracted from this, after which it is processed into a granulate. PLA is 100% compostable and food safe. The production of PLA is very sustainable because the CO2 emissions are about 75% less than in the production of oil plastics.


You can call it “upcycling.” Recycled eco-friendly promotional pens make an old thing new. There is the option to have recycled pens made from materials such as old CD cases, water bottles, tires, and recycled cards! Recycled pens are the way forward and they feature a great story behind the product. Who would have known those old junkyard tyers could turn into something else useful?


Three reasons to choose printed eco-friendly pens.

There are many reasons to choose an eco pen as a promotional item. They are stylish and compact so they fit anywhere. The three most important are listed below.

Usefulness and reliability

Customers keep promotional items up to two years after receiving them. This secures your brand name in their memory. Pens are a great promotional item simply because they are a daily staple in our lives. It’s tiny, so it won’t clutter up your desk. Our pens are eco-friendly so they won’t clutter up the landfill.

Printed pens work as a business card

85% of people who receive promo items, go on to do business with that company. Get your company name, logo, and contact info printed right on the pen. This way, they’ll never have to wonder where they put your business card. Our pens come in multiple colours so you can customize it to your personal brand.


Promotional pens are one of the lowest cost per impression items at 1/10th of a cent. They come in a close second to promo bags.


Contact us.

Looking for eco promotional pens for your next marketing campaign? We have you covered, just get in touch with the team on 0116 285 2417 or email and the team will be happy to discuss ideas and merchandise with you that would be suitable. Feel free to also discuss design ideas, free visuals and samples with us.