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What are the benefits of eco merchandise for promotions?

Positive impression.

We have seen a huge impact on companies focusing on their csr (corporate social responsibility), meaning that they want to associate themselves as being an environmentally friendly and ethically responsible business. Businesses can show their eco-responsibility by branding merchandise that’s eco for their future promotions.


Eco merchandise has always been considered a “premium” product. However, this keeps changing as demand for eco products soar. We now can offer cheaper eco-friendly products, because they are made from recycled materials, which also helps to reduce carbon footprint which is a big thing for many businesses.

Lots of options.

As eco-products soar, there have become more options of eco merchandise that are unique and different from the rest. We can offer crazy eco merchandise such as bamboo fibre lunch boxes, sunglasses made from recycled materials, and eco-friendly socks. The weirder the product, the better the product is what we say!

Eco is awesome.

Not only is eco-friendly merchandise cost-effective for your business, but it is also “cool” to look after our planet. By showing your support to helping the environment it will benefit your company in many ways.


Eco materials to choose from?


Bamboo is a fantastic material for any of your eco-friendly promotions. Not only is it natural and renewable but it also looks amazing.


Cork is perfect for brands looking for that raw and bang-up to date natural look. Cork is very difficult to stretch and squeeze meaning it’s very durable. Therefore cork merchandise makes a great companion for those doing their notes on the go.


We love merch that is recycled. We have loads of promotions that are made from recycled plastic bottles and containers, RPET merchandise is a great giveaway that reduces our waste. You might think that RPET is limited to hard plastic however there’s also RPET felt that gives a much softer feel!


If you’re anything like us, you’ll fill up your notebook super quickly with notes, sketches and ideas. But what do you do when you’re finished with your notebook? Plant it of course! Seed paper notebooks are a great way to bring life to your garden with a variety of seeds available.


Ever wondered what happens to your coffee grounds after you’ve had your favourite brew in the morning? In most cases, unfortunately, the answer is not very much at all! Coffee notebooks and other products made from recycled coffee grounds are a great way to make use of this everyday waste. As a bonus, they look great too!

Recycled materials.

We love to see materials given a new lease of life. Using recycled plastic and recycled paper promotions is a brilliant way to reduce your waste.


Quirky notebook materials.

  • Elephant poo
  • Recycled textile
  • Coffee waste
  • Stone waste
  • Agricultural waste (from tomatoes, peppers, grass etc)
  • Recycled leather gathered from shoe and bag production.
  • RPET felt
  • Seeded paper
  • Recycled single-use plastic bags
  • Recycled till receipts


Contact us.

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