Computer Accessories, Custom Usbs, Branded Mouses, Printed Mouse Mats, Keyboard And Screen Cleaners, And More.

Computer accessories make excellent gifts for anyone. Whether they’re into their tech or they just need kitting out with the gadgets and essentials. Products like USBs, Mouses and Multi cables are handy to have around at home or in the office. They’re useful in so many situations which is exactly why you should get your brand on them. Tech merch can be something really worth holding onto when it’s a useful and good quality kit! There are so many options when it comes to your branded tech from screen cleaners to mice with wireless charging so there’s sure to be something that will wow your clients.

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It’s time to manage those messy tangled wires and get your workspace looking fantastic. Get your desk kitted out with products like a branded wireless mouse and USB hub. If you’re looking to make your office look really smart you could even team your tech with some other branded office goodies like mugs, coasters, and pen pots.



Protect your privacy! Products like webcam covers and microphone blockers mean that your merch can make you feel safe when using your tech. You can even add password protection to your USB sticks to make sure your files are safe. These are a great addition to work kits adding an extra bit of security to your office equipment.



Just because it’s techy doesn’t mean it can’t be eco too! There are loads of options made from sustainable and recyclable materials like Screen cleaners and mouse mats made from RPET and USBs made from Bamboo and cork. These materials also look great. If you’re looking to really wow with your office’s look then there’s bound to be some computer accessories that match your aesthetic.



  • They’re great for the office. You could give out computer accessories to new members of staff like a mouse mat or USB as part of a welcome kit. If you want to get your office looking super on the brand you could even provide staff with branded mice.
  • People love techy merch, especially when it’s something really useful like a USB stick or a multi-cable. If you’re looking to really impress, there are even tech sets that come presented in an elegant gift box to wow your customers.
  • They are perfect as part of your branded kit. Whether it’s a USB, earphones, or a multicable, tech accessories are great as an extra on a branded kit since they’re so useful and add a bit of wow factor.



  • There’s no end to what you can do with USB memory sticks! With a wide range of printing options available and even custom shapes – you can make sure your USB suits your brand down to a tee.
  • Did you know you can even upload your own files to our USB sticks? There are even more ways to personalise them than you think!
  • Mouse mats are a great place to put important information since they’re always to hand. You could have yours printed with useful contacts for your business or even a calendar that includes your important dates. If you’re an IT firm, it’s a great idea to put your tech support number on a mousemat and give them to your clients so they always know who to call.
  • Our Credit card size USBs can double up as a business card. Available with full colour print on both sides there’s plenty of space to include all of your company information. They also fit into your wallet which is super handy!



With so many branded tech products available – why not create your own tech kit? Customers love to receive a tech bundle with loads of handy products. As well as our computer accessories, you could include Wireless chargers, Powerbanks, Speakers and more. Our direct mail service means you can get your tech sent directly to the customer so they can install their new goodies in the home office straight away! There’s also a number of packaging options available to make your kit look amazing.



  • USB Memory Stick
  • Mouse
  • Mousemat
  • Keyboard
  • USB Hub
  • Webcam Cover
  • Microphone Blocker
  • USB Multi-cable
  • Screen cleaner
  • Keyboard cleaner
  • Earphones and Headphones
  • SD Memory Card
  • + Many more!



Planning your welcome to work kit or looking to give away some amazing tech at your next event? The Extravaganza team is here to help create your perfect branded gadgets. Just get in touch at