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Our most popular printed phone accessories.

Portable chargers.

These are perfect when you’re on the go a lot of the time. Putting your brand name or logo on these portable chargers is perfect because when people go to charge their phones they will be reminded of your company. Furthermore, if they lend someone their branded portable charger that person has then also seen your brand name/logo.


An awesome gadget that has been added to the technical market, is the pop socket. It’s a perfect promotional gift and is perfect for getting your company’s name around. Everyone loves a pop socket and seeing as we all love using our phones, there is no better time to brand your pop sockets, but now!

Phone cases.

These are super popular Perfect for people that have work phones and laptops and take them to meetings and move around a lot. Shows off your brand when at networking events.


Why brand phone accessories?

The best thing about branding your own promotional tech accessories is that it’s an excellent way to add a modern twist to your merchandise and also to find merchandise which most people can find value in them. Most people appreciate a techy gift over a pen, it’s more interesting and comes with more use than what a pen may have.


Charging cables vs wireless charging – which ones better?


Wireless chargers:


The benefit of wireless chargers is that they are more upcoming and trendy compared to charging cables. They look cool and can be a great WOW factor if gifting them to a client or staff member.

Big print areas.

Wireless chargers in fact have bigger print areas than cables, giving extra room for creative designs that are big and bold. Wireless chargers may have a better brand impact overall compared to cables, but it will always depend on your target audience and what they would be happier to receive.


There is now an opportunity to get more innovative and different with your branding, instead of printing in 1 colour or 2 colours, it may be worth getting your logo added onto your wireless charger as a LED design, making your brand light up all day every day, and it can even look good when it’s in the dark.

Tidy and smart.

The bonus of wireless chargers is that there is less cord to worry about, Less cord to worry about, means a tidy desk and a tidy life! They are very smart as you can place your phone on top of your wireless charger along with your tablet and both of the devices can charge at the same time.


Without having to regularly plug or unplug, there’s also no wear and tear on the smartphone sockets. If you alternate between charging wirelessly and with cables, this also means less wear and tear on your cables.

Won’t overheat your phone.

When your smartphone is fully charged, our wireless charger automatically shuts off. This means less energy, a safer charge, and no overheated battery. They are a lot better to use with your phone as they won’t just keep on charging and charging.


Charging cables:


Our charging cables are compatible with most mobile phones, we also have the option to have charging cables with multiple ends so that when they are given out at an event, and can fit everyone’s phone perfect whatever phone they have!

Faster to charge.

Charging with a cable is actually a little faster and more efficient than charging with a wireless charger, this is because it has a full connection from one end of the wire to another. Whereas with wireless chargers there is a lack of connection as it is wireless.


Charging cables are more popular and we also have more of these than we do our wireless chargers. The reason they are cheaper is that they are easier to make and are more accessible than wireless chargers are. Charging cables are cheap and already are made for our mobile phones, also they are more accessible for everyone as not everyone has a wireless charging phone.

Use your phone whilst it’s charging.

A great bonus of having a charging cable is that it will charge your phone and you can still use your phone. With wireless chargers, your phone has to be nicely placed onto the wireless charger making it harder to use your phone whilst it’s charging.


Benefits of branding a phone case.

  • Protects phone effectively – protects a phone just as well as a top market phone case.
  • Low cost – bulk buying phone accessories is cheap but one of the best promotional gifts you can give your customer.
  • Matches different lifestyles – Near enough everyone has a phone so phone accessories are perfect as a promotional gift because everyone will use it as it’s exciting and is something everyone needs, the nicer the design the more likely they are going to


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